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PE Is Giving Me A Headache

PE Is Giving Me A Headache

For the past few weeks I have been getting light headaches and photosensitivity after pe’ing and I would like to know how common this is. I have read up a bit on over masturbation and it’s chemical effects on the brain and so far I believe it’s either a sudden drop in blood pressure, a rise in pde2, low oxygen levels,inflammation, or a lack of certain trace vitamins. All I have been taking for it is 2 or 3 tsp of GABA and a lot of water with a liquid multi vitamin.

I am not real worried but would like to know if anyone else has this problem and what you guys do to resolve the pain. I have tried low doses of NSAIDs but I am not comfortable with relying on pain relievers all the time. Idk maybe I should be practicing breathing techniques before PE and whole body stretches afterwards.

Try some deep relaxation techniques!

Do you practice edging/ballooning as part of your PE workout? Sometimes that gives me a headache a few hours afterwards.

Yes I do, or have done but stopped, edging with my fleshlight while clamped for 10-15min. I had to stop after a month because of the headaches.

I wonder if it has something to do with over excitment in the brain from pe’ing too long. I read in the kama sutra once about keeping erections to a maximum of 30 minutes, maybe it had this is the reason why.

Interesting regarding the Kama Sutra number of 30 minutes. Because I’ve found edging for 30 minutes is the optimal amount of time for me. Over that and my penis and I feel really kind of fatigued. Where as at 30 I feel more energized.

For my own part, having an erection for 30 minutes isn’t in itself a bad thing, having an erection for 30minutes while ‘using’ it on the other hand.

Then again, if you read up on some Chinese sex-ed from ages ago, they say you can go from anything from 5min to 4h, as long as your missus is pleased :)

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I didn’t really pay that rule from the Kama sutra any attention until one day when I was having sex with this girl for about four hours straight, thank you DE ;) For the rest of that day my penis was purple and bruised.

Last night I attempted the second routine for the day with three sets of wrapped clamping for 30 min total. Only this time I drank plenty of water before and took deep relaxing breaths to calm myself and stayed in a relaxed up right position. Surprise to say, I haven’t had any headaches or neck aches at all which is probably from a build up or pde2.

Unfortunately I had strange symptoms of over excitement and restlessness for hours which leaves me to believe that my theories of adrenal over excitement and adrenal fatigue caused by excessive PE late in the day are true. I still need to compile more research from the web to back this up from reputable citations, not any of dr. Lin’s web pages, but so far I have enough evidence to suggest that symptoms of tingeling at the crown and back of the skull, joint pains, and headaches I get are caused by masturbation/penis enlargement.

Now I am not at all suggesting that these are bad practices but I imagine further knowledge could be gathered that would develop a routine or dietary stack to balance body’s natural energies instead of over exciting or draining mental abilities.

Originally Posted by soodana

“…if you read up on some Chinese sex-ed from ages ago, they say you can go from anything from 5min to 4h, as long as your missus is pleased :)

Interesting, from the literature I read I gather that you need to let your erection relax a little exery 30 min but that you cam keep using it repeatedly. The only problem lies in the tourniquet effects of a priapism when you go for hours and hours.

In the past even before I knew about PE I would edge for hours watching porn. I did this rarely like if I was out of town in a hotel or something. I absolutely did get headaches afterwards. I attributed it to over masturbation. I don’t have enough free time to do this now. I’m sure that much stimulation does change brain chemistry for a day or so.

Interesting you mentioned changing the brains chemistry because all the web pages I find say that dopamine levels alter brain chemistry developing a tolerance after time.

Hmm, I wonder if it’s possible that this is caused by an increase in blood flow into the brain after the erection subsides.

I know that if I don’t have caffeine for a day or more my head will hurt sometimes because the blood vessels in the brain dilate back to where they ought to be.

Just a thought. It would explain why it’s more difficult to use your big head while the little one is awake.


That is some keen night redworm,I will look up some more studies with that in mind.

God who knows I bet I could fill up a dozen or so thick spiral notebooks with the knowledge I have gathered from medical studies and here for pe purposes. Maybe oneday I should compress everything into a great paperback book that covers everything and not just the stretch,jelq,squeeze, and kegel cookie cutter routines or the eat three chili peppers a day and hurt yourself everyday BS.

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