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'Size Matters' references in society

Originally Posted by firegoat
And that most of the average guys feel small? And don’t comment much.

Yeah, started noticing it after you wrote something similar in another thread. Hope people will start feeling free to comment more often, one of the reasons we got this place.

There used to be an old Handy Andy Home Improvement sign where the guy is holding tape measure at his waist and it sticks out to 8 or 10 or something like that..inches out. And he’s giving a big thumbs up.

Its clever because you don’t really recognize anything sexual at first. But look at it from our penis-size obsessed point of view and it’s clear as day.

Here’s one, and it’s a mixture of 2 society assumptions. The Daily Show compares Barack Obama to Herman Cain, and there is a “Once you go black you don’t go back” reference. The correspondent goes on to explain how white women love the feeling of taking a “massive…”

Very funny, but also filled with these “size matters” references. The actual part is at about 3:50 on the video.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Season 27 - TV Series | Comedy Central US

I'm a disciple of science.

Speaking of The Daily Show, there was a ‘report’ by Samantha Bee a year or so ago where she interviewed Jonah Falcon (the guy who claims to basically have the world’s biggest penis while refusing to actually ‘prove’ it). He’s trying to get work as a serious actor, while she, for obvious reasons, wants him to get into porn. He’s auditioning for a part, and she has him do it again while wearing to biker shorts to show off the bulge etc. Needless to say the whole thing is chock full of size jokes etc.


Wait, found it:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Season 27 - TV Series | Comedy Central US

Ahaha, love Samantha Bee and the ‘report’ was funny as hell. :D

Toward the end of the October 1st Saturday Night Live show (hosted by Melissa McCarthy), there is a clip called “Complaints” with Andy Samberg. He is trying to pick up Melissa and when she says he must be a very skilled lover to which he replies he has had no complaints. A string of women then come out to officially complain about his lovemaking.

During the skit, the phrases tiny weiner, super dinky weiner, looks like a shriveled eggplant and pathetic man child ill equipped to satisfy a woman all get used.

SNL has been better overall lately. This skit was OK but not great which is probably why it played at the end of the show. I don’t have a problem with the content but wanted to add the notes to this thread.

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Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
Yeah, started noticing it after you wrote something similar in another thread. Hope people will start feeling free to comment more often, one of the reasons we got this place.

Hey, I’ll respond.

I’m average and I’m fine with it…I don’t feel small. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty confident, and while I’m pretty mild mannered, I do have a bit of an arrogant attitude that I can get as hard and erect as often and can fuck as long as I want to compared to any sized guy around. And now that I have recently used a cock ring a couple of times, the erection is even more rigid and unbelievably stiff and has allowed getting a blowjob, cumming on the wife’s tits, wiping her off, keeping the cock ring on and she riding me until she cums.

No problems with my size. I am comfortable. (I’d be lying though if I didn’t admit that I’d love to have a big ol’ thick 5+ incher as a flaccid hanging down all day and night while walking around)

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A fairly unabashed size matters bit from Private Practice.

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Did anyone watch the Oscars? The women from Bridesmaids were presenting at one point, and Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph went into this (surprisingly long for a such a show) innuendo bit about dick size vs short films.

Big dicks are prominent in entertainment.

Example: The show Spartacus. Every time they show frontal nudity of a dude, the dude is hung like a damn bull elephant.

Does anyone have more examples?

In one episode of How I Met Your Mother there was a character with a small penis who was heavily mentioned.

Originally Posted by Kingkel

Does anyone have more examples?

Yes… this whole thread!

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well, at first I send greetings for everybody.

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On tv. series, movies, advertaisement, the big tool is the king.


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