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Subliminal PE. Try it!

I started using this recently, works for me but don’t know why. After a couple of days I started to precum for the first time in ages, it’s really weird! I hope it’s not dangerous. Here’s the link - it’s a video I stumbled across on Vimeo -

It's safe

Dickthrust don’t worry, it’s not dangerous. There is a lot of info. On this on a site called, and many others. Basically the beats are working together to reprogram your mind for whatever it is you desire. From a young age we developed a belief system that is difficult to override unless we tap into our subconscious, this is where the beats come in. Also, not just when we were young but as we grew, beliefs became solidified in our minds about what is “correct” and “incorrect.” We did this to ourselves through repeated thoughts and conversations. These thoughts and conversations were accompanied with emotions, usually strong emotions. Sort of like how when you get a thought in your mind and you feel very hot and passionate about it. You start to feel your blood boil with anger, or peace and pleasure. Through this process you hardwired a belief into your subconscious about what you believe. And the only way to change it is to chant something repeatedly that is opposite of the belief, however, that is very time consuming. A quicker way is to either meditate and lower your brain frequency, and repeat a phrase to yourself, or use the binaural beats to lower your brain frequency listening to what they have to say, or just listen to the music.

The law of attraction can be extremely powerful when used efficiently, I even use it for little things like always finding good parking spots.

Using subliminal app for iPhone while on web now, hoping to have great results to report soon.

Just an idea - I’d ditch subliminal apps or binaural beats and meditate instead. It seems more “natural” to me and probably has some other benefits.

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Originally Posted by viksenpai
Just an idea - I’d ditch subliminal apps or binaural beats and meditate instead. It seems more “natural” to me and probably has some other benefits.

Meditation is not directed at reprogramming the subconscious in a specific way. Yes very beneficial, but not using directed specifically at PE related results.

Why not both?

I noticed with the program the message duration varies from several milliseconds to a whopping .5 seconds. Which would be ideal?

The ‘recommended’ times are listed as such: 0.02 seconds, with 4 seconds between each message. I think that’s about right.

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

@IronHead22 - I agree. I have never had a problem with parking spaces ever since I have started asking the universe for one. I even like to play with it sometimes and ask to attract a woman with a specific look to her, e.g., figure, etc. And sure enough, at some point during the day I’ll see, or get approached, by a woman fitting the description. I truly believe now that we can create our lives just by thinking. This was supported by Einstein and many others, our lives will be what we think they will be. Scary, but fun. Be careful what you wish for.

On a related topic: I downloaded the subliminal blaster. It’s pretty cool. I’ve even started using it with a specific set of pics on my computer desktop using topic related pics. I.e., if the message is about prosperity I will use a series of pictures showing wealth. And I also put my earphones in and play an MP3 of binaural beats. I’m starting to see opportunities reveal themselves. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. I’m finding out that when I ask for something, I have to take steps toward what I asked for. This has resulted in my being more comfortable approaching women, and, I have had two dates with two different big-titted chicks in one week. I used to think meeting sexy women was just chance. That’s a bunch of BS! I’m finding out that I can bring women to me, then start talking to them.

So here’s my advice: When you ask for something and it appears, take steps to get what you asked for. What came to you was exactly what you needed at that time, so go for it.

I know all this might sound like child-like magical thinking, but since I’ve started using it a lot of strange things have started happening. Here’s a good example: I recently had my timber logged and tried it out on that, despite the timber market, I was paid 62% MORE than a reasonable offer. I felt like I won the lottery. It took me awhile to stop staring at the check. The guy must have thought that I felt it wasn’t enough because he said “Sorry, I wish it could be more.” I said “No, no, this is a fine offer.” And all I could do was think of my request to the universe for a “reasonable” offer, I got much more than that! And oh ya, one more thing: If you expect more in your life, you have to be happy and grateful for what you already have, so make a point of saying thanks for what you already have. For starters, given this forum, be thankful you have a penis, then be thankful for its current size. If you complain about it you will just receive more to complain about. Here’s a statement for you: “I am happy and grateful for my penis and I am happy and grateful it continues to grow.”

Happy manifesting! :-)

Can I use this power of thought to make my wife lose weight and do anal ?

And even deepthroat you! Try it and report the results.

I am totally trying this. Combined with my new X40 Bathmate, I should be 8 1/2” X 6 1/2” in a couple weeks. I’m sure of it!

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I put one subliminal message saying “my wife is in great shape” but she’s still being lazy and not working out, hopefully it just needs more time.

Originally Posted by Gmoney28
I put one subliminal message saying “my wife is in great shape” but she’s still being lazy and not working out, hopefully it just needs more time.

If you are joking, its funny. If you’re serious, just understand it works on YOUR subconscious, not hers. For her to get the benefit, she would have to be seeing, “I love to work out and be in shape”.

I saw some people write about binaural beats, I prefer Isochronic tones as those worked faster in my experience. (You can also hear them without an headphone, because you don’t need two speakers to generate one tone in your brain)
In my opinion you don’t need to buy those beats, you can generate them in high quality by yourself with the open-source software gnaural.
I listen a lot to 40hz isochronic tones that simulates gamma brainwaves, you can read about them here http://www.omha … ma-brain-waves/
I use this as my frequency source book: Brainwave/Cymatic Frequency Listing

Just google on brain waves benefits (theta, alpha, gamma, delta) if you want to know more about the waves in our brain.

And another tip if you want to listen isochronic tones the easy way just search the frequency on youtube like: 40 hz isochronic tones

OP thanks for the subliminal tip! I have installed the subliminal master and added some sentences in it.

I hope it works out for us all :) !


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