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What are your 2016 goals?

I know this will sound a bit extreme, but I setup everything else in my life to a “constant”. I earn enough to live by myself (living with my mom because she’s not young and is always good to have me and my brother around), so for now I won’t be seeking more. Overall health is about spot-on, won’t be making any changes and If I can keep it that way, alot of others benefits will show up in no time.

No much of a goal-setting or competitive man, but for me PE is all that’s left (variable). Won’t be measuring till december, but when I do, hoping for at least 5.2” EG (~0.48” gain).

Hope everybody reach their goals.

Start 6.8” x 4.7” (4.9" BEG)

Latest 8.2” x 5.1” (5.3" BEG)

My pictures

My goals are:

*live another year

*try to be more like Jesus Christ, he was a good guy.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

Fap less

Lose at least 8kg or until I have visible abs.
Study more so I won’t fall anymore behind.

And most important/relevant:
Gain half an inch in both length and girth.

23,5cm BPEL

15cm EG

Originally Posted by grx

*try to be more like Jesus Christ, he was a good guy.

Always a good goal :)

28 Aug 2014: 6.25" x 6" (MEG) >>>>>>>> 30 Dec 2015: 7.25" x 6.5" (MEG)

Goal: Pump 40 min 2x daily 6 mos start 8/23/17 PICS AND PROGRESS

PE Growth Rate Study | Most Efficient Gainers List

1) hitting 7” bpel

2) hitting 5.5” meg

3) getting to 10% BF, at 13% now

Started: (NOV14) BPEL 5" MEG 4.75" BEG 4.75"

Current: BPEL 6.438 MEG 4.875" BEG 5.25"

Really happy if:
Go from 5.3” to 5.75” girth in 1 year.

Super super happy:
Go from 5.3” to 6” in girth 1 year.

Hoping I do not have to resort to clamping/hanging, but can manage this goal with just jelqing, tons of heat, and discipline/consistency.

Harbor freight penis pump

Can somebody make me a pump ill pay you.

Well I finally got an “adult job” so that’s good.

1. Get to 7.5 inches long EL or 7.7-7.8 BPEL (7 EL AND 7.3-7.4 BPEL now)
1. Get to 5.6 inches MEG (5.25 MEG now)
1. Cheer and pad myself on the back for proving all the nay sayers online that ‘penis enhancement isn’t real. (Lots of that one reddit, ex. ‘the only way to get a bigger penis is by surgery’. when I saw that I actually said ‘wow you couldn’t be more wrong’.)

Oh yeah and also I guess but on some weight without losing any length.

Id like to set a goal buuut seing as I’ve only gained 0.25 meg in two years I don’t want to set the bar to high. Length I’ve gained 0.7 (easily with stretching)


BPEL 7.7 (7.3 current)
Meg 5.1 (4.85 current)

PE goals:
Hit as close to 7 inches, BPEL, as possible.
Try to gain some girth even though my main goal is length.

Life goals:
Do better in school.
Save up money by eating out less.
Lose about 15 pounds to help lean down and reduce my fat pad.
Workout more for strength and cardio.

Well, aside from having goals in length and girth, I’m also working on goals to correct penile curvature and torsion.

Current: BPEL 7.25” / EG 5.1” / Curvature 25 degrees / Torsion 31 degrees.

Goals: BPEL 8” / EG 6” / Curvature and Torsion 0 degrees.

Medidas 12/16/15: BPEL=18,3cm[7.25"] ; EG=13cm[5.1"] ; BPFSL=19,4cm[7.65"] ; BPFL=12,5cm[4.9"] ; FG=11cm[4.4"] ; Curv=25° ; Torsión=31°

Metas [Goals]: BPEL=20cm[8"] ; EG=15cm[6"] ; BPFSL=21cm[8.25"] ; BPFL=14cm[5.5"] ; FG=13cm[5.1"] ; Curv=15° ; Torsión=20°


1) Currently sitting at 6 1/8” NPBEL; would like to get above 6 1/2 if at possible.

2) Currently at 180 lbs at 5’10”, BF% unknown, maybe 20%? Would like to lean out some more, then do a slow clean bulk and get some abs by the end of the year.

3) Pay off my car, buy my wife a minivan.

4) Put aside at least two grand for our family’s DIsney vacation in three years.

[March 2015] 5.5" BPEL 4.5" EG

[January 2016] 6.25" BPEL 4.75" EG

[Goal] 7.5" BPEL 5.25" EG

Add 0.125” to both BPEL and MSEG.


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.825" BPEL x 6.825" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

Originally Posted by magicwand9
Happy New Year

Some advice to all you younger guys. Make a resolution to exercise, eat healthy, and live healthy. If you do, someday you’ll receive a payoff worth more than money. When the day comes that you reach your later fifties, you’ll likely still be fit and healthy while a lot of your workmates and buddies are getting knee and hip replacements (often times from carrying excess weight around over many years) or are being treated for diabetes, clogged arteries, or any number of mainly life-style related illnesses.

You might not have been a contender for best looking in high school, but forty years later you just might be a contender in comparison to most everyone else who has aged terribly. And the best part is that all the top shelf women will be finding you more and more appealing. It’s the home coming queens and the beauty queens that have the most to lose (in terms of looks), so they usually are the ones who strive hardest to live healthy and maintain their beauty. Those gorgeous hard bodied sixty year old women (many divorced or widowed) look around and the pickings are slim, especially if they desire (and most do) a man who’s also kept himself up. And suddenly you find yourself in candy land.

And as a Thundersplace man who is the best that you can be sexually, you’ll rock those beauties’ world even better than you would have in high school.

Love this quote dude

21/09/2019. 6.2 inches bone pressed erect length.

Short-term goal 24/12/2019

7inches bone pressed erect length


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