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What are your 2016 goals?

I am currently on 7.5” - 7.75” BPEL and around 5.25” girth, after a 4 month break

My 2016 goals (what’s left of it!) are:

Jelq 140 times and stretch 3 times each way, every two days.
Rest completely between sessions, with no masturbation.
Keep you guys informed regularly on the members progress board.
I hope to reach 8 - 8.25” before 2016 is out.
Girth, I’d take any increase, as I haven’t seen much yet. 5.5” this year would be great.
Slightly off topic, but not entirely - I would like to go until the end of the year without ejaculating. 30th August was the last time, my previous record is 66 days. I want to beat that. My whole quality of life is better when I’ve got a full tank.

Good luck everyone,


Forgot to mention in my goals but to masturbate less.

To all God Speed on your PE!

OMefs Progress Report

It’s my first half-year of PE & I only have 3 months left of it. I’d love to ride my noobie gaining momentum to another 1/4 inch gain in length before 2017.

For 31 December 2016 ->5.75”MSEG

14 days without porn now but for PE I see Chilean tv novels called “Infieles Chilevision” in which two tits look and some ass. Is this porn?

I would completely eliminate the visual stimulation to maintain erection.


Lo primordial la funcionalidad y con suerte maximo grosor y solidez.No he de rendirme aunque caiga al andar.No Surrender

Hey Celtíbero,

Unfortunately sexualized women are depicted constantly in our arts and culture (tv, ads, video games etc), we simply cannot get around it. However there’s a large difference by coming across it casually or looking for it specifically. Not only is it probably not as explicit as most of our porn search terms (admit it! we’re all pervs lol), but there is a level of sexual content which we simply cannot avoid in our daily lives, especially around the tv and internet. So don’t worry about it! And if you happen to notice that you get aroused around something as trivial as you might see on a beach (rather than what you normally watch as porn) you already have good reason to believe that your detox is working :-)

February '16: 173 mm BPEL (6.81") 132 mm MEG (5.20")

November '18: 190 mm BPEL (7.48") 137 mm MEG (5.39")

Goal: A sustained 7.7" by 5.8" during intercourse

Hey crusher!

That’s inevitable. but I mean to maintain an optimal level of erection only with imagination.
I come to have the same problem that Titleist had. 15 days ago I watched porn and could barely 80% of erection, only semi erection.

Titleist stop porn adiction and he sees a woman dressed and can achieve an erection. THIS iS WHAT I WANT

Total detox


Lo primordial la funcionalidad y con suerte maximo grosor y solidez.No he de rendirme aunque caiga al andar.No Surrender

My goals for PE are first and foremost to feel comfortable with what I have and expect whatever gain I make. My other goal is to finally stick to hanging. I’ve tried on and off in the past but didn’t have the time to dedicate with school back in session I have from now til June to get into a routine. But mainly stop obsessing over it and enjoy what I have and whatever I gain.

My goal? To live to 2017. After that all bets are off!

achieve a solid 16cm BPEL

To hit 7.5 BPEL and pass all my exams :’(

The aim: to be unable to fit in a cigar cutter.

New guy here.. Nice to meet you all!

I’m about 5 weeks into the newbie routine now and I’m starting to see some gains.
My starting stats was 6.0” BPEL and 4.5-6 MEG(was fighting the tape to get a decent measurement).
I am now 6.29 BPEL and 4.7 MEG pushing 4.8(still fighting the tape!).

I’m hoping by the end of the year I can get to 6.5 BPEL and 5.0 MEG.

Goal for what is left of ‘16 is .25 girth increase

Originally Posted by clgp7
Your goals sound good, GettinGrown!

My goals are:
Continue with foreskin restoration. Achieve 100% fulltime flaccid coverage
Travel more. ( Wife finished her degree so we have some more flex now!)
Increase spirituality. Study, ponder and meditate more effectively.
Continue working our way to being debt-free. Eliminate all debt except for mortgage.

Why you want to restore your foreskin ?

My goal for 2016 is from 5.7el to 6.5 and 5”girth. Is this possible?

Originally Posted by mitavanam
Why you want to restore your foreskin ?

Several reasons, (in no particular order):

*Another reason to play with my junk.
*Aesthetically, I really like the look of an erect penis with foreskin.
*The increased sensitivity just from keeping the glans covered for the last few years has been wonderful.
*I was born with one, I think there might be a reason men are supposed to have one.
*It’s empowering to be able to reclaim something (at least partly-the skin I’m growing is not foreskin, but it’s a reasonable substitute) that was taken from me without my consent. (yes, I have mommy/daddy issues)

:_pump: :donatecar


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