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Chemical PE: The Long Awaited Evidence

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Not really, Lamp. Bennett8’ case, vacuum studies, hanging, those are all examples of not continous pressure, but actually short bouts of intense pressure (more intense than could be reached through erection, not in absolute meaning) that have shown to be able to lengthen the tunica of penis.

So, when he says ‘I believe’ it is actually a choice to believe, denying facts and even clinical evidence. He wants to believe that more smooth muscle will enlarge tunica -where there is no evidence of that; he wants to believe that NPE can’t enlarge your penis (since NPE is actually based on short bouts of pressure, no one is advocating pulling your penis 24/24, not even 12/24 by what I know - just exercise and rest), despite contrary evidence; he, finally, wants to believe that use of erection drugs will make his penis bigger, where there are millions of people using erection drugs and still I have to hear one reporting his penis has measurably enlarged withot NPE exercises.

Since it is a matter of blind belief, I recognize that. I hope nobody else will like to put rationality aside and just ‘believe’ because taking erection drugs is less fatiguing than pulling his penis, but we know somebody else will also make the convenient choice of ‘believing’ instead than ‘knowing’.

“he wants to believe that NPE can’t enlarge your penis”

Can you not read?

I wrote the following in my last post:

“I believe that jelking *works* because it causes the CC to hypertrophy. This provides the sustained internal pressure that forces your tunica to grow.”

I am not saying that short bursts of pressure cannot enlarge the tunica. I am saying that it works indirectly by causing the cavernous tissue to hypertrophy.

So how the hell Bennet8 and all the people who did only manual stretching have grown their penises? How hangers grow their penis? How vacuum pumping has lengthened your penis without growing it’s girth?

Never mind, I don’ want to hear anything else. As said, believe what you want.

“I believe that jelking *works* because it causes the CC to hypertrophy. This provides the sustained internal pressure that forces your tunica to grow.”

Why is that sentence so hard for you to understand?

Insulting me and then trying to misrepresent what I say is immature.

I frankly don’t care whether my theory is right or wrong.

I just want to learn about the biology of PE so I can make my dick bigger.

If you can prove me wrong in a civilized and grown-up way then I will admit that I’m wrong.

Yeah, I’m insulting you, of course. You believe the penis grows only through jelqing. Not with hanging, not with vacuum pumping (although you said earlier you gained length through pumping), not with manual stretching. But you don’t care if your ‘theory’ is wrong, of course. But if you are proven wrong, then I’m insulting you.

I wrote this in my earlier post:

“I believe that hanging and extenders work because they provide that sustained pressure.”

I have never claimed that vacuum pumping doesn’t work.

If you prove me wrong I will be happy. That would represent progress towards attaining my goal of understanding the science of PE.

I am not insulted at all when you prove me wrong.

I was just insulted when you likened my idea to herbal penis pills.

Are you drunk or stoned or something?

I can’t understand why you are being so hysterically hostile.

‘Are you drunk or stoned or something’.

I’m the one insulting. Of course.

Hanging doesn’t provide ‘sustained pressure’. It is cyclical tension - 15-20 minutes at times, for a total of 2 hours or more daily. It’s not SM that is enlarging the tunica. It is the force acting on the tunica, period. Vacuum has been proved effective with even 10 minutes daily. Where is the ‘sustained pressure’? This is becoming absurd, seriously.

What I was saying is that there are probably two mechanisms at work.

The exercises involving sustained pressure such as pumping, extenders and hanging directly stretch the tunica. (I would describe 20 minutes as sustained pressure).

Jelqing, which involves short bursts of pressure, probably causes the cavernous tissue to hypertrophy. This subsequently causes the tunica to grow.

Maybe I explained myself badly. Maybe you failed to read the posts properly.

But I never claimed that pumping, hanging or jelqing does not work.

Originally Posted by london100
But I don’t buy the theory that you can *directly* enlarge the tunica by applying short bursts of pressure to it. I just don’t believe that the human body works like that.

Look at body modification in tribal societies. You will see pictures of African women with artificially long necks and amazonian hunters with artificially enlarged ear lobes.

These people don’t achieve this by applying short bursts of pressure. If I wanted to enlarge my own ear lobes I wouldn’t pull on them repetitively, because this would probably do nothing.

The extensibility (stretchiness) of human tissue (veins, nerves, bones etc) is quite limited, but all theses structures can be dramatically lengthened over time, as demonstrated by neck lengthening in tribal societies and things like osteogenesis in the developed world.

london100 - Chemical PE: The Long Awaited Evidence

Originally Posted by london100
I did not say that its impossible to gain length through jelking. I just doubt that stretching of the tunica is the mechanism at work.

london100 - Chemical PE: The Long Awaited Evidence


Just so you know, those people of African tribes don’t lengthen their necks, they crach their chest; neck remains the same. And ear lobes are completely different than your penis. So yes, those are the typical examples one can find on websites of penis pilss/devices sellers and are nothing short than disinformation. Consider this information insulting if you like, but in your pants instead than shouting ‘insult’ I’d take the chance to learn something.

By the way, it is ‘jelqing’, not ‘jelking’.

I have never visited a website selling penis pills so I have no idea what sort of advertising they use.

There is very little direct evidence to go on. We are forced to be creative and look to things that are vaguely analogous.

The deformation of the clavicle in African women (well done for correcting me) osteogenesis distraction, surgical tissue expansion… These are all examples of sustained pressure being applied to human body parts in order to achieve deformation or growth.

There are no known examples (outside of PE) of short bursts of pressure resulting in growth.

That is a perfectly valid point IMO. I have no idea what this has to do with penis pills. If there are penis pill sellers who make use of African women with long-looking necks in their advertisements, that is nothing to do with me.

London, have you seen Stagestops discussion of a “sausage effect”? If not, I recommend searching for that string. Just think it might be something you’d be interested in.

I like this thread a lot. Maybe it’s even one of the most interesting and useful threads I’ve seen in PE forum. I wish it was possible for no one to feel insulted, however. There’s unfortunately a bit of resulting tone of pissing contest because of this.

Originally Posted by london100
You cannot stretch human tissue through short bursts of pressure. Just imagine pulling on your ear lobe for an hour every day. That would almost certainly do nothing for the size of your ears. If you applied constant pressure over a long period of time they would grow. The same principle applies to other forms of body modification, osteogenesis and medical tissue expansion. Sustained pressure over the long-term is the only way to do it.

I agree that sustained pressure over long-term is the best way to go. However, pulling on your skin for an hour a day will indeed eventually result in stretching it. When I was young, I had buck teeth. My old Getman dentist suggested that I pull down on my upper lip for ten minutes every morning. After a year or so, I had increased the length of my upper lip by a few millimeters.

By the way, the neck rings on young African maidens did not lengthen their necks. Rather, they forced the shoulders to be lowered to give the illusion of a longer neck.

marinera and london100:


I am late to this party, as it is not the kind of party I usually care to attend.

I am not going to bother to read through this entire thread to see who started the personal attacks. Because I do not care. All I care about is this forum rule:

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That rule is the reason that thundersplace is one of the best forums on the internet. Note that I did not say one of the best PE forums. I said one of the best forum on the internet. We treat each other here with respect.

I am developing a very low tolerance of members who violate this rule. And as I say, I do not care who started it, because both of you are participating in the kind of personal attacks we do not tolerate here.

So cut it out. If you are constitutionally unable to participate in this thread without attacking someone, then don’t participate in the thread any more. If someone launches a personal attack against you, don’t respond with a personal attack.

If it turns out that you can’t manage that, there will be consequences.

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Which personal attacks? ‘Constitutionally unable’? Lol.

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