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After looking at all these dicks

Originally Posted by Monty71466

DLD has a bad rep? Wow.

Erm, you are kidding right? :D One of the first guys to seriously fake photos to try to provide ‘proof’ so people would listen to him…

firegoat is fully RETIRED from Thundersplace.

All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Come to think of it Monty, if you’ve been here since 2003, unless you were fairly wealthy I doubt you’d have had access to a digital camera etc., yet you say you pretty much say won’t listen to anyone without photo proof? :shrug:

firegoat is fully RETIRED from Thundersplace.

All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Heres the way Monty. What works for you…period.

Where is his resort? :O) The rest, I’m workin’ it.

Originally Posted by firegoat

Erm, you are kidding right? :D One of the first guys to seriously fake photos to try to provide ‘proof’ so people would listen to him…


Originally Posted by Monty71466

Recently, was spammed by a guy who comes here touts expertise, flames, get’s banned, and comes back with another name. Should I believe him?

Exactly; he gets banned. :)

firegoat is fully RETIRED from Thundersplace.

All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

I honestly agree with Monty. It’s a shame so many successful PE stories lack before and after pictures or any pictures at all. Sure it’s the persons right to decide whether they want to take pictures or indeed upload them to a forum but at the same time they also need to understand that they are open to scrutiny for not doing so. I prefer to see this as a friendly community where users help each other and show their success and reveal their failures rather than a locker room where the few shout out how big their dick may be and how they grew inches in months.

Everyone at one point or another has received the ‘Grow a bigger penis with these pills!’ spam in their inbox, seen the adverts on porn sites like redtube (“grow your dick by 3 inches in 10 weeks with this $8 trick”) and the numerous sneaky marketing attempts that pretend that they’re objectively reviewing a penis enlargement device. There is so much trickery in this industry, let alone the fact that penis size insecurity is one of the most common personal problems among men, of course it’s going to be taken advantage of so money can be made.

It’s reasonable for people be interested in before and after pictures. Sure some can be faked, but very rarely can they be faked and _believed_. There is already a thread here where someone asked the users what they thought the size of a man’s penis was in a screencap. Nearly everyone in that thread was aware of the phototrickery used in porn and despite the attempt to distort the penis size in the screencap, the users were right in thinking that he was only slightly above average (by viewing multiple videos). I doubt many, if any, could trick the eagle eyed amongst us! ;)

Before anyone asks, I have been taking pictures and will be posting them here with a report in the 3rd month of my routine, although I’m only using an extender so don’t expect much!

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Originally Posted by firegoat
Come to think of it Monty, if you’ve been here since 2003, unless you were fairly wealthy I doubt you’d have had access to a digital camera etc., yet you say you pretty much say won’t listen to anyone without photo proof? :shrug:

Ok, now mod, you’re calling me out. I need the respect of being able to defend myself since you hold the power here. Cheap digital cameras and software have been out since the mid 90s. Remember quick-cam? 1995 when the internet started booming. $30/35 bucks. TONS of picture sharing and video sharing on the Internet then. Remember ICQ? I think my 2002 starter pics here was a quick-cam type. Internet is key to this conversation. When it kicked off in the public so did the interest in digital cameras. To answer your question about 2003 specifically, the major manufacturers like Sony had a version under $100. I haven’t researched it definitively, but the point of this doesn’t date back that far. I remember affordable digital cameras (to me) at a few hundred in 1999. They were the craze and many believed they were worth it like iPads today. Fast forward to the fertile proving ground at around 2007 and beyond. Ultra cheap digital cameras and phone cameras. A video world from hell with in Youtube. You almost have to not document on purpose to not document. It’s feels natural to the process to snap a pic as part of putting that ruler on the pecker, eh? To me it does. I’m not trying to say everyone has to do what I ask. Who am I really? A non-gainer. I’m just saying it’s very odd, hardly NO ONE is doing it and claim incredible gains. This is where I suspect most who come here focus. On the big boys. The ones who show what can happen. Most small beginners document it…in the beginning anyway.

I don’t mind doubt. I don’t mind explaining. I am 100% truthful to the best of my memory in some cases. But, if people are complaining and you feel the need to protect them, just tell me to dial it back. I don’t mind just posting my progress. I think I owe my story, but I can keep quiet everywhere else. Is that what you’re really after?

Originally Posted by firegoat
Exactly; he gets banned. :)

I appreciated it too. Was tough.

Originally Posted by plaidshirt
Monty after reading page 3 of this thread in regards to seeing a picture as proof or assurance that growth is possible. Can you prove by a picture that your not a female , so if you post a picture of a penis how do we know its yours , does that prove that your not a female. Monty all I am trying to say is that there has to be in element of trust in everything or else this world we live in could not function. That more money you want more of is backed by absolutely nothing tangible, but the trust or confidence of the American people period , and when that is gone , depression is an under statement. Pictures prove nothing.

I disagree with most of this…respectfully brother. I can prove I’m not female by coming to see you. If my beard and dangly bits isn’t enough, and you pay, i’ll gladly have a DNA test. Here on the Internet, strictly picture wise and to directly get to your point, I can strip and send you a fully nude picture privately. Believe me, we both don’t want that. It won’t PROVE that I am male, but if we talk over and over, I show you pictures of my kids, my wife, tell you my experience in the military, etc, etc over a lengthy period of time. Would my credibility build over me simply saying “I am male.”? The analogy is diluted, but point is my story with pics is more believable than my story without them. “A picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t a saying just to be a saying. Pictures with a story is without a doubt more substantial in any case. I doubt I convinced you, but that’s ok.

You disagree with every thing. i did all I can sending you random pics. My wife and I worked so hard to find them for you and you question my 7 year old oics that were never supposed to be published. i through my self out there and most of them were not good enough. I talked to all the pics. He asked for help. I did. Go back a few pages. I actually appolgiezed to this guy in public. I went so far as to find a very old hard drive and put in to a computer to down load then in order to HELP HIM GROW WITH PICS. the widows program was before XP. we went that far, not to mention I stayed home from work because I feel the flu coming on to help this guy. ms tnt called me several times at work to tell me she thought I had pics else were. i did my best, I reached out, but I was questioned on many of the 7 year old picks. Now then, why would I do that for some now ass.

Check this out. he asked me to take another now pick for him to make his cock grow. What the hell, is he going to cut the pics out and tape them on his cock to make it grow. I have been here almost as long as you and you haven’t figured it and you need picks? This guy is lazy. After all this time. I tried to HELP. I have never posted pics here but to a few and because of his join date ms tnt thought, why not, only to get negative criticism. I do not mind constructive criticism, but he questioned me about fucking random pics that were taken 7 years ago on an old cell phone

I showed him proof. Why would I make an ass out of myself and show him fake stuff after all that I have posted to you guy. Most of you know I have not PE’d in years, but yet, this so called vet that logs in every once and a while is here questioning, because he wants to see pictures of dicks and want proof that this works because he has not figured it out after all these years.

Go ahead Monty, tell these people about my fake random 7 year old pics that were found and how my wife and you try to reach out to HELP you grow. I will never post my pics here and I explained that to this guy and he understood and related, because at one point, he was in the same situation as I am now. He called me a brother, Oh hell know.

Check this out. He got one of my older pics to compare it to another not as old as that one to see if I was being untruthful, but he did say, yeah, that was an extra inch of gain. Why would he do that. What is this guy looking for in the first place and is he trying to taunt someone here. I sent him at least 25 old ass pics out of our hearts. If you could receive his responses to my pics. As I mentioned, had I meant to post these pics, I would have bought a good camera and ot do this on a cell phone, but still, most of those pics are legit.

Check this out. I asked him to come back to this thread after viewing my pics to say that I was not a fraud. He never called me a fraud, but he did question my credibility because of no pics. His response was to ask for another pic because he did not see the base of a ruler, but clearly the ruler was straight. One of those ruler picks was pictures with another rule to show that ruler was legit. I showed this guy a pick of my now fat cock, and he said it was chubby and asked for another one. What the fuck?

What the hell.

He also posted in a PM if I were to come forward with picks here, he would he would become my advocate. Who the fuck needs an advocate like that? The hell with him. i tried, I truly did try. I showed him from what we had left and could dig up from beginning to end, but it still was not enough. I still could not proove my size. i told you guys that I was 8.375 X 6.25, but after looking at these pics, I am 8.5 X 6.375, but he still wants another pic of now. Oh my gosh. As far as i am concerned, the hell with this guy. Monty is truly very disrespectful to a guy that reached out. Oh! he told me not to take thing personal as he critiqued my 7 year old pics that are not posted her but was sent to him to help this ass.

You guys tell me, why would a guy sent someone like this guy old pics that were fake. i even talked about the pics that I was starting to get discolored and showed him pics when I did get discolored. I thought those E-mails for what they were, were pretty dam detailed, but as you read this post here, nothing is enough and he wants more pics to make his cock. That is the answer is it not, not good honest advise but more pics because this one was not good enough to HELP HIS DICK GROW AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.

Monty, I now see you were asking loaded questions in the other thread and you are on a site wide “prove it to me” campaign.

Let me see if I have this right.

You want to go to a $10K PE resort where a naked man with a huge penis will hand you a sequence of monthly erect nude pictures of himself showing a dick growth progression over a period of multiple years leading up to the present giant penis in front of you. The pictures will show his face, because if they didn’t they were obviously faked. He will also have 3 forms of government issued ID on hand, and corroborating statements from several friends, family members, and ex-girlfriends. Once you’re satisfied with proof of his penis growth, he will then photograph you nude from 15 different angles and proceed to stretch and jelq your penis using his old photos and your before photos for a week, since you would never do that yourself since PE is not real. As if by magic, since all PE is just tall tales and magic, you will double your cock size in only one week time by fortune of being jelqed by this PE master’s pics (I think TNT actually revealed the secret technique to us in the previous post, of jelqing with photos of penis wrapped around the penis itself). It’s crucial that it only takes one week only, since you would never invest any significant time on your own after learning the techniques at this resort, since all PE is fake unless there are photos. After you leave the resort, you will photograph yourself extensively to prove to yourself that your penis has in fact doubled in size. Possibly incorporating some kind of neutral third party notary public to verify and legitimize your new penis in the record books. Then you will post your pictures here on Thunder’s to prove to all of us that PE actually does work, and that we should start doing it, and praise you for your giant cock and genius leadership?

I took a couple comic liberties, but honestly man, that’s pretty much the message you’re sending out right now. Very few people are here to prove that PE works. Most of us figure that out within the first month. The only proof that matters to us is between our legs, and we don’t care whether or not other people believe us because our penises are growing bigger.

The irony is that there are plenty of threads around with exactly the type of proof you’re looking for, and you probably already know about them! Sounds like TNT actually sent you proof. I pointed you in the direction of braindrain’s progress earlier today in another thread. And these are only examples of two guys who have gained over an entire average sized penis worth of volume (11-12 cubic inches or more). There are so many more throughout the archives of guys who have average gains of a few cubic inches - if you’re willing to dig for them.

So what do you want? If you truly want a bigger dick, and that’s the real reason you’re here, then get to work on it. You can even follow the techniques of only the guys who have documented their gains enough for you. Hint: they use the same techniques as the guys who don’t document. This community will help you and advise you. That’s what we do. But if you’re here just to shout and bark about how you never gained in your past brief forays into PE, and how since you haven’t gained, everybody else is full of shit. Then go find a better use for your time, it’s accomplishing nothing.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Want to tell all you guys following this thread. Read this and read it good and hard we are friends and I have seen all of these guys cocks and they are no phonies. firegoat, sparkyx, titleist are all vets here. I have seen their cocks and these guys are huge. In my opinion, firegoat is at the ideal size. firegoat was like a bigbrother to ease you into a straight path, but do not cross this guy, because he will tell you like it is and you may not like it, but this is one of the most easiest going guys I have ever met. sparkyx, is huge. his cock is bigger erect than mine is in a clamp. I told him that. He told me, “but we are both huge”. That was so nice, but pretty dam cool. sparkyx has put a lot into this forum. He wrote some books here that are so incredible. he has done so much research that is so amazing, why would I post that. Do a search. those two have been around and they have not posted any pics, but I swear, you better not question those men, I as they 2 have our reasons, BUT! let us just say we are not BSing any body, let me just mention that. The knowledge that has been put out there by us is so much because we care about insecurities, we have and had them, I still do worry about my size, I wish I was smaller. Now then, my good friend titleist. He has posted pics, and that guy is huge, but he does not care, but encourages everybody here. He will tell you it does not matter of your size, and that is coming from a man that needs a tow truck if he gets a random erection. The man has so much compassion and so much wisdom. We all joined together at the same time. We are friends as you all should. We share personal things. sta-cool is another guy who does the same for us and for all. we do not have to prove a thing to anybody. Not only did we learn it, but we got it and have mentored it. We have been here for all you guys. Look at our join dates, but yet, we are still here. yup! we all posted to this thread. firegoat will not thread anymore but he gets himself involved in your threads and you must read his posts, He truly is a wise witty man. Sparkyx wrote many ways that are now standard. This guy has done so much research about PE and documented so much great information, amazing. Then you have an already huge man like titleist telling members to keep trying or to change your mindset. This man does not have to be here, but he is. This man is giving some time to chat with you guys. This man is so compassionate. With that man”s huge size, he could take a hike, but he is still here ready to listen and advise.

We all got ours, we figured it out and the information is out there. If you all need a pic, so be it, but a pic? really? Make some friends as we did. We are not with holding anything from you, we posted all we have to be successful and as for me, I warn you of your goals. You need someone like me to tell you all hell can go to shit in a relationship if you do not listen to your partner and to be aware of your future as far as being with some one you love or want someone to stay with you.

We have been here a long time as mentioned. We have heard the same questions many times, but we still give members time and look up threads for them. Iamaru posted several threads for all us to read on this subject, and he is still here, he has been here for a long time and he figured it out. All the information is here, but you have to do the research yourself to learn what you have no clue what to ask. I say to the people that work for me when they ask a question, I tell them to do a search on the company website, and if you do not find the answer, I will tell you or show where the answer is at. Most learn from the search because they stumble across information that they find valuable.

I please ask you all to please respect the vets here, Thunder built the foundation and hired the Mod’s, but if some of you have been here for a while and don’t get it, do the home work you should have done many years ago. We are not going to baby feed you or to spoon feed you, but to guide you and mentor you as adults.

A pic is not going to help you gain, but YOU can make things happen for yourselves, only if you want it. We have been here and in the game for awhile. We are no longer sitting on the bench, but winning the gain.

Please, don not mess with the vets here, you can mess with me, but not them. You can not demand respect, you have to earn it and they certainly have. Just to let you all know, MOS was built by a member from here and he used all this information, and the same with PE GYM. Thunder does not charged a thing for this, this is all free, so why not take advantage of it. That man has to manage so much. He has us for help, but he is here more hours here than we are, this is his job. Mess with that man and see what happens. I guess pictures are worth a thousand words, but results are an accomplishment.

Pics can’t prove anything.

Another ‘PE skeptic’ that believes he is more original and smarter than the other 250,000 members here, but actually we have heard this kind of arguments about 1 million times, we try to collect them all here
Penis Enlargement Skeptic?

but there are many of them. It is the kind of questions you can expect from a kid that believes he is the new Galileo where anybody older than him is having fun of his childlish ‘demonstration’. I could actually conclude, by your very same logic, that you gained but you want to hide it to other males so you have an advantage; how do I prove this? Easy: did you take befor and after pics? If not, you can’t prove it doesn’t work, so it works.

The sole proof that you can have : try it consistently for at least 6 months and see the outcome. If it doesn’t work, than report back. But expect that somebody will tell you ‘Proof me that you have been consistent and you did not gain.’ : you will not able to prove that, and people with your very same mind frame will insinuate that you are lying.

By the way, I want to clear up one thing for you and other ‘skeptics’ of your kind: this is a forum. People report back what has worked or not worked for them. We are not in charge to ‘prove’ anyhting, neither we could; what we do is just keeping the Forum the most honest and reliable possible, but anything you read comes from members and you have to make use of your critique sense when reading any post.

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Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Its so unreal.
Feeling entitled to get proof for something free of charge you dont believe in.

Many of these people also wont gain as their approach is negative in nature leading to wrong decisions.

Agreed. If you don’t believe that any of this works, why waste your time and effort railing against it? Go find a hobby and enjoy your life. I’ve never understood that. I guess some guys just like confrontation for confrontation’s sake.

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