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Ballooning is not PE

Ballooning is not PE

There’s a lot of talk about ballooning on these forums at the moment and a lot of disinformation about it.

Let’s look for a second at why people see a difference in penis size (sometimes soon after starting):

Firstly the tissues of the penis have not built up any resistance to growth when you start PEing. This seems, by all accounts, to make the process of real enlargement more rapid initially.

Breaking this down a bit:

Gains might come initially from stretching ligaments. I’m not the greatest anatomist but I’d say from the pics/diagrams I’ve seen that this stretch is occurring mostly if not exclusively in the fundiform ligament. Stretching doesn’t seem to radically alter erection angle and it does seem to add length, in the initial stages. You can also feel the fundiform taking the strain. The permanence of this is probably about as much as for stretching any ligament in the body, there is a great chance of reduction after exposure.

The Tunicae will also not have had internal pressure brought to bear on it to the level that jelqing can and does (when performed correctly) and certainly nothing like clamping, Horses, or Ulis. Nor has it been stretched with some force. Tissue (even that as tough as the tunicae) has a limit to it’s ability to resist force and it seems that in the early stages of PE this process is simpler.

Secondly erection level can become degraded even in those who are younger rather than older but it hits those in their mid to late twenties and upward more. PE has, as a natural side effect, the ability to increase erection level. All those BC exercises, the jelqing at a good erection level on a regular basis all adds up to better quality erections.

This second (side) effect of PE is what ballooning also targets. Ballooning can never bring enough pressure to bear on the tunicae to result in permanent deformation. Ballooning does not target the ligaments. Ballooning is not PE. If the only “PE” you’ve done is ballooning. Try stopping for 2 months and see where you are.

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I’m not sure why you posted this… if people are doing ballooning and it works for them then why does it matter?

It may not work for everybody, but there are people who say they have gained from ballooning.

Mick, I believe that Mem posted that as an FYI (For your information) more than anything else. We don’t want people thinking that ballooning is PE as it isn’t.

If people have gained using the technique, great! How do they cement their gains?

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Why is it not PE though? If people are using this technique and enlarging their penises… then is it not a PE (penis enlargement) technique?

I don’t know how people cemented their gains… maybe no cementing was necessary… or maybe they did some more extreme exercises for cementing.

Originally Posted by Mick
Why is it not PE though?

It doesn’t enlarge the penis.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

I don’t agree with this. You can combine ballooning with isometrics (pressing down) to hit the suspensory ligament. There’s also megalophallus to consider, which proves an erection alone does cause enough force for gains.

Overall I think it’s funny that you say ballooning isn’t PE because it doesn’t provide enough force, at the exact same time that the static stretcher is becoming wildly popular.

Originally Posted by brazillionaire
Overall I think it’s funny that you say ballooning isn’t PE because it doesn’t provide enough force, at the exact same time that the static stretcher is becoming wildly popular.

I don’t know about that; only 2 people have repoted gains with it and one of them is selling the thing ;)

Also, I doubt a person could “balloon” for 12-16 hours a day. However, I may be wrong; the guy teaching “ballooning” probably has a pill that makes is possible.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Well, neither is a Decon break but some (especially your routine mem) use it to help with their PE routine, though it doesn’t actually enlarge your penis if your taking a break, it gives it time to heal correctly sure.. Ballooning may not enlarge the penis as other exercises and practices are used to do but many would swear that it aides in their PE workout, pre and post.

So if it is in your routine and is used to help facillitate gains when used in conjunction with other exercises can it not be called part of a PE regimen?
Also, if people HAVE gainved from ballooning if only by the fact that their erections have become stronger and firmer, it can still be classed as a sort of PE can’t it?

I’m about ready for a change again. I’m currently on a decon break. I love the MEM routine I’m going to do it again for another six weeks.

But, I’m also going to combine it with ballooning. Perhaps two days per weak of Meming and two days per week Ballooning. Hehehe!

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I somewhat disagree. I think that ballooning is a form of conditioning. I somewhat agree on the part that it doesn’t actually “enlarge” your penis beyond its current capacity. However, it does keep you engorged and is an effective workout.

I agree that ballooning is not PE. I use ballooning as a catalyst to PE mixing it with my favorite exercises. And I think it helps my gains, but there is no scientific proof of it.

Why aren’t the defenders, kazooplayer and Werner Ashford, here to disagree?

Originally Posted by westla90069
Why aren’t the defenders, kazooplayer and Werner Ashford, here to disagree?

Probably in Dr.Lin’s clinic. LoL.

If we’re going by that then using the same logic I could say that jelqing isn’t PE. I have not gained one bit of length or girth from jelqing and just use it as a warm up for other exercises… as some do with ballooning.

It’s a penis enlargement exercise so it has to be PE and I do believe that you can get results with expanding your penis from the inside out until it just doesn’t shrink to the same size anymore. Girth gains are more static than length gains and harder to keep.

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