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Big Gainer Highlights

Hey. What about the pan and pan rolls for ullis RB used?

I do a similar routine and it has worked. No gains slowed down but I’ll try to add intensity on summer.

We must be careful with FAKES, from 100000 guys posting pictures, at least a couple (being generous) would be fake, I DON´T beleive someone who claims that he gained 3 inches in a year, bullshit.

Presentación y fotos iniciales. (p. 6)

8enero2014 BPEL: 19,1 cm EG:15,2 cm

24mayo2014 BPEL: 20,7 cm EG: 15,6 cm

Going to aim to make it on to this thread. Penis don’t fail me now.

The aim: to be unable to fit in a cigar cutter.

I’ve been on and off in PE for almost 10 years and certainly my gains are evident (at least for me) I started around BPEL 6.6 and EG 5.3 and now I am BPEL 7.8, EG 5.75 with a noticeable change in my vascularity and shape. My routine has included almost everything but I was never very consistent. When I started I was not really sure if any of this effort was worth it so I did not take pictures and I consider that I was not very thorough while measuring.

I think people starting with PE should take seriously the initial measuring and take pictures (even if they don’t share them) in order to have better data and statistics.

In all my years reading this forum, this thread is one of the most interesting and helpful, thank you very much BeardedDragon for all the hard work putting all this information together. I think we are a step closer to have real expectations of what PE can do for us.

I only wish I have read this thread before, it should be in the main page for all the new (and not that new) members.


Bearded, just wanted to say as a person, new to PE, this thread is perfect. Informative and helpful with a hint of inspiration. I mean, whether all of the gains are true or not, who cares, some of them will be and some may not bit as you said, who are we to judge this ?

People will always be skeptical when others gain a lot more than they do.

I am going to go through a few things having purchased a male edge extender and a Bathmate hydro max X30 and incorporate what I can into a ‘less is more routine’

I have a very busy schedule right now and being one of the small starters you speak off (actually probably average but more of a grower than a shower) am looking to grow my penis exponentially.

I will try and keep a thread going and will personally keep you updated with pics and measurements if you like as I would love to make it into here. Won’t send anything until I start to grow lol don’t worry. No dick pics until they are required haha.

If you see any routine that is, what you would call, a ‘less is more routine’ that you would like testing out then let me know and I would be happy to try it out for you.

Thank you for the thread man

I’m glad this thread continues to help and motivate. I took a decon break that lasted a month or two longer than I intended, and now I’ve been back in the habit for a couple weeks.

I’ll keep adding a few additional stories now and then.

PEmex, congrats on those gains.

Sxc203, happy to welcome you to Thunder’s! I’d advise to start easy and gradually work your way up, whether that’s with the manual exercises of the newbie routine, or your new pump and extender, or some combination of them. Use low force, and low times at first, and gradually increase them over a period of weeks and months. Listen to your penis and adapt to whatever works. Good luck.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Thanks Bearded, that’s some good advice too. I read through this whole thread and some of the info is staggering. Also the graphs with the means and the standard deviations are pretty cool, but like you say there will be outliers that don’t fall within the standard deviation, this however doesn’t always mean it’s false.

I have started last week properly and did some manual exercises ie stretching and jelqing whilst in the shower but will be adding to this routine this week as the mrs is back at work and I want this to come as a surprise to her.

I believe the best judge of your gains is easily when your long term partner says wow, what the fuck happened there lol

Oh and just a quick one bearded, obviously you have done a lot of reading around the subject. I bought some HTW today and they are extremely snug/tight fitting when I’m hard but they won’t keep me elongated for long as when I start to soften up they aren’t so tight. I do think though that if I bought any smaller I wouldn’t get it in to my cock after I have performed PE or when I get an erection.

Any ideas as to what to do ?? Should I wear a cock ring too to keep myself engorged for longer ?? Also they are very long, should I cut to size or double wrap ??

Sorry to ask these questions of you but it would seem you are quite an expert nowadays :) thanks in advance for your help oh and if it’s easier feel free to pm me

It’s a lot of new information when you first start PE, but Thunder’s is a gold mine if you take the time to read through all the different methods over the years.

The Hair Tie Wrap is mainly used as a wrap (more of a sheath) for hanging, or for PE weights, or as an under-wrap for a tighter constriction device. I liked them for hanging. I don’t have much experience with the practice of wrapping to maintain engorgement post workout, but I agree that the HTW alone would probably not be enough constriction for that usage. I didn’t know they made them in different sizes (girthwise). You can cut them in half or double wrap them, experiment and do what works best. If you’re going for prolonged post-workout engorgement, you probably want something tighter, but I don’t have a lot of experience with that method. I know some guys have used a wrist wrap or adjustable cock ring for that. Your HTW’s could be used as a comfortable under-wrap around which you tightened something else, like a velcro wrist wrap for example, to maintain that engorgement. There’s some good threads around that are dedicated to that topic, here’s a couple.

All Day Cock Ring For Amazing Girth Gains

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Excellent. Just finished workout and used cock ring with it which was ok, I’m gonna keep experimenting and look through the reading material in your post and see how I get on. Thanks again for your help man. I may save the HTW for when I incorporate extender into routine then and find an alternative for a continued state of elongation or engorgement. Thanks bro

Thankyou so much bearded dragon. I’ve taken notes.

Greetings all and to BeardedDragon specifically, to whom this reply is directed. This is my first post on these forums and though I have been reading obsessively for months now, I remain a neophyte in the world of PE, with only a few weeks dedicated practice.

First off, let me thank you for the time and effort taken in compiling all of the historical and statistical information in this thread. It has given me insight into what I consider to be reasonably achievable. I am not thrown off by the possibility of fakes or by true outliers who may seem beyond reach. Given how so few men around the world actively practise PE - or rather, practise it in a manner that is both safe and effective AND actually record their progress - it is my earnest belief that we perhaps have not even begun to scratch the surface of what a true genetic outlier can achieve.

I am ambitious and skeptical. I try anything and question everything. I have always been a little arrogant, as you may soon be able to gather from the tenor of my posts, but I am always willing to learn and be guided.

I have no concern or use for bone-pressed lengths; for me, a large penis is all about the visual and stimulating effect it has on your partner. In any event, I have always possessed extraordinary low levels of body-fat, hovering around 15% when I am not physically active and reaching as low as 6% in my physical peak.

With all that being said, here is my query: I am presently 6 inches in erect length and 5.1 inches in erect girth (or rather, that was how big I was last time I measured; I suspect I may have grown slightly, but not significantly, since then). My goal is to become 9 inches in erect length and 7 inches in erect girth. Could you tell me what increase this would represent in cubic inches and where it would rank amongst the biggest gainers you have listed?

I ask this question to get an idea of the kind of time and dedication that will be required of me in order to achieve my goals. I don’t intend to jump to a ridiculously intense routine straight away; I understand that my goals may take years. But, at my age, time is on my side, and I am not one to give up easily or at all, really. Your assistance and contributions to this forum and in addressing my query are greatly appreciated.

Silly to set such an unattainable goal. Not impossible but next to it, so why set yourself up for failure? PE is like bodybuilding, do the work consistently and you gain what you gain. To me, setting a goal is useless, if you reach it you keep going anyways, and if you can’t reach it there’s nothing you can do about it. Do you realize how huge 9x7 is?????

7.8" BPEL x 5.25" EG

Originally Posted by captjohn
Silly to set such an unattainable goal. Not impossible but next to it, so why set yourself up for failure? PE is like bodybuilding, do the work consistently and you gain what you gain. To me, setting a goal is useless, if you reach it you keep going anyways, and if you can’t reach it there’s nothing you can do about it. Do you realize how huge 9x7 is??

I used to be an amateur bodybuilder.

I know exactly how big 9 by 7 is.

Please note that I have also set myself short-term goals.

I am in my mid-20’s.

I do not expect to reach 9 by 7 in 4 weeks, 4 months or even 4 years.

I’m not sure what is the point of you stating that my goal is “unattainable”. This thread is proof that there are genetic marvels who have actually surpassed my goal and it is quite clear that they achieved this by setting goals which others thought were “unattainable” and tracking their progress methodically. Perhaps you have already convinced yourself that you are not so talented, but I have not yet been so discouraged. I hope as a new poster you do not find me rude, but I struggle to understand why you have referred to me as “silly”, just because I’ve decided to aim high.

Please guys keep this great topic clean. Its about people who gained and their experiences. We have enough cluttered threads.

Borntobe, welcome and why not start a progress thread that is all about you and your goals. Obviously if you state provocatively that you are arrogant then you will get provocative replys.

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