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Big Girth - The Downside

There are also issues with rigidity and shape associated with this topic that should not be ignored.

That being said, seeing my partner in pain is basically the only reason I do PE, so bring on that 6.5 girth.

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Thickhouse - Good post and observations for others to consider. No one wants to ruin the good things they have. Here’s a couple examples of my experience.

I had a steady for 3 years in highschool. I could fist her and it didn’t make any size difference that I could tell. I know she could have handled 9” girth and it probably would have been better for her than my 5” girth was. We still had a lot of fun together as we were both virgins.

My second steady girlfriend was 8 years my senior and we started screwing on and off from my senior year until I was 22. She was tight. I always had to “warm her up” until she dripped or I wasn’t getting in. I’m sure I was growing girth through those years. The thing is that I couldn’t just shove it in her even after the first bout of stretching. She was tight and I know I’d be rippin’ her open with the tool I have today.

I met my wife when I was 23 and we’re a good fit. She has room for me to grow. Here’s how to tell. Can you slide a finger in with your dick and does she like it or cry/whine. Can you slide two fingers in during heated fucking? If you can’t then you are close to the perfect size for her and you don’t want to go bigger. My wife allowed 2 fingers for small periods and that’s how I discovered her kegling capabilities. She never kegeled until I started doing this during sex. So now that my girth is increased she is really active in our sessions.

I can appreciate the loss of foreplay because of the kids. We used to find hiding places outdoors so we could have enough private time. In the winter we sent them all outdoors and put a lock on our bedroom door.

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Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

Good thread. Much to think about.

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Thickhouse _ I don’t know I am not convinced I have all those problems and I am not 6” Girth and I do believe you could be huge and it doesn’t matter the women’s pussy will adjust to it since its made to have babies.

If you have any question as to how a woman could stretch just do a search on

Cytherea Mandingo porn

You will see she wants more and pulling him in. Maybe if they never had kids then they are a bit tight and it might be hard for them to accommodate the first few times a bit sore but after that they are fully adjusted

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Also just for the record I have fisted a female before she was older in her 40s American/European and so horny I put two fingers in then 3 then 4 and then my whole hand and I don’t have small hands I just measured my fist around it is 11.5”. Anyway she loved it went crazy and squirted - she was fun and a bit crazy.

05/01/2012 BPEL 6.000 EG 5.500

10/19/2012 BPEL 6.625 EG 5.500 BPSL 7.2

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Originally Posted by dogbone

It is a big mistake to confuse porn with real life. It isn’t a “documentary”, it is fantasy. It is basically like Disney movies for men.

yes but we are talking women’s bodies and its just a good example of how they could stretch to accommodate any size and from my limited but vast experience one thing I do after a few dates is get out there toy box and at first I was surprised how big the toys that most of them use they have to be upwards near if not over 6” in girth. I even seen huge rabbits. I even had a small Asian gf she was a virgin at 22rys old when I broke her in it took about a month for her to not feel any pain during sex because her body was accommodating to my size. After being with her about a yr I brought home a 8” dlido at first she said wow to big but after about 3-4 times she had me pounding her with it.

Bottom line Women are built to accommodate any penis size plus

05/01/2012 BPEL 6.000 EG 5.500

10/19/2012 BPEL 6.625 EG 5.500 BPSL 7.2

First Goal BPEL 7 - End of 2012 second goal BPEL 8

Good reading. I recall a porn star stating she “loves Ron Jeremy’s big dick because it feels softer and not too hard like rock”. As our girth increases, so does the look and feel; which is better, for us and them:)

Lets get them cells expanding, and if I was OP, I would not start a Jelq from the base lol.

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That was a good read. I know I’m nowhere close to 6” girth, but I have a feeling a lot of guys set that as their goal without actually realizing how big that is.

I still can’t decide whether to set my goal to 5.5”, 5.75” or 6”, that’s something I’m going to decide as I gain because I want to see my girlfriend’s reaction (or adaptation?) to it.

Originally Posted by Titleist
No not doing the dirty on my wife. I gained girth before I met her. They all were accommodating.

Good to hear! The part about your wife that is

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As real as helpful. Really great thread, congratulations and thank you for being that sincere and sharing such an important dose of reallity with us.

I wasnt trying to knock you. I hope you get to 6.5 that would be impressive. I was just saying that I am going for as much girth as I can get regardless of the issues the next man had with a few females. I am sure we all appreciate your input but I am a hard headed guy. When and if I get that thick and get serious with a woman I can always take some time off and let it shrink a little.

Originally Posted by Thickhouse
Big Girth - The Downside


I really get a kick out of the guys disagreeing and saying “I am not convinced”. He isn’t saying that a big girth is bad, simply that down sided do exist. He isn’t saying that a small percentage of women can’t easily accommodate any primate penis on the planet, simply that the majority will have problems with a large girth.

Pre-PE I was not big. I was however on the happy side of average length and chubby to boot. I became adept at foreplay and oral early on. And by temperament have never been one to rush things in the bedroom. I routinely would tease and work my partners until they refused to take “not yet” for an answer and attempted to stuff my trout into their tuna.

At 6.5x5.5”s a majority of the women I encountered would have had difficulty with my size sans foreplay and oral. I never encountered any that, given no time limits in getting there, had any problems. I did encounter quite a few that were surprised to enjoy and not have problems with my size; they were not used to a guy taking his time getting them ready.

At my largest post-PE I was 7.5x6.33”s (rounding down always). My partners reactions progressed from pre-PE much as you might expect. Occasionally having problems with teeth became occasionally not having problems with teeth. Occasionally having women not want anal specifically because of my size became occasionally having women want anal specifically because of my size (and plenty where anal simply wasn’t happening).

As far as vaginal goes, I have never had sex with a woman that didn’t enjoy what I had assuming I took the time (and I always do). And yes, that does sometimes mean hours of oral beforehand.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider

I have pumped up to 6.5” and had comfortable vaginal and anal sex no problem, I just spent a lot longer with foreplay and easing the girl into it.

I think his hard erection isn’t the same as a pumped one.

Originally Posted by WhiskeyFish

seeing my partner in pain is basically the only reason I do PE

Her screams only make your erection stronger?

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.


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