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bundled stretches for people struggling with girth gains

Originally Posted by herkaderk
Yeah I am pulling as hard as I can pretty much, I get a little feeling of stretch, but no intense feeling inside my dick like with erect jelqs or anything. I mean, I hang slightly longer and looser, but that always happen when I play with my dick, and since it was focusing on girth I thought it would be more of a tingling feeling in the middle of it.

That’s odd !
I find I can’t pull that hard with these compared to a normal stretch, the feeling of almost tearing is too much.

The other thing I found though is they’re much more intense if I pull straight up, any other angle doesn’t seem to work as well.

Originally Posted by capernicus1
That’s odd !
I find I can’t pull that hard with these compared to a normal stretch, the feeling of almost tearing is too much.

The other thing I found though is they’re much more intense if I pull straight up, any other angle doesn’t seem to work as well.

I feel like I might have overconditioned my penis towards stretching, cause I have been stretching with all my might for quite some time, and I no longer feel any kind of fatigue afterwards. Surely, I am not the strongest guy in the world either, but I doubt that is the reason why lol. I have focused on stretching outwards, since I got a bend upwards, but I guess I will give it a try stretching up. How long do you usually hold the stretch for and how many reps do you do.

Originally Posted by capernicus1
You guys are twisting then pulling right ?
I find the feeling of stretch with these is pretty intense and the flaccid hang after is longer and looser.

I feel a very intense stretch actually, but for some reason it doesn’t result in any expansion.

Originally Posted by Mick
I feel a very intense stretch actually, but for some reason it doesn’t result in any expansion.

I guess it depends what you do after them, Montys always recommends clamping after wantsmore fulcrums which are similar, I’ve tried both clamping and pumping but the bundled stretches seem to kill my erection for an hour or two !
Suppose that’s a sign of how strenuous they are ?

Originally Posted by C.C. Deville
You’ve already achieved really nice girth — congrats. What was your starting measurement?

I was somewhere around 7.25 inches bpel and 5.25 mseg. I have been doing PE off and on for 6 years now off and on (more off than on). I am currently doing the newbie routine, lots of manual stretching in all directions, also with clamping and pumping mixed in. I have seen the best results clamping and water pumping with heat. I was close to 6.25 mseg a year ago but lost some of that when I stopped PEing. Find tntjockey’s thread titled “I have reached my goals” for the basis on which I do my exercises.

I’ve been doing bundled stretches for several days now 5 minutes turned as far as I can go one way and 5 min as far as I can go the other way and then I pump or clamp. When pulling I only pull until I feel the stretch and then relax into it. I have initially seen a little more expansion clamping and pumping and also the expansion lasts longer than normal. It’s really too little and too early to tell but I’ll keep you posted.

You other guys keep posting too! Great for encouragement and documentation.

Originally Posted by Girthgetting
Anyone consider doing these with an ads?

Did them with the extender and gives a good flaccid hang but its a big hassle. You need to unstrap much more often. Also you need to keep tabs about which side you bundle for how long.

Its doable but its all direct exercise time and not like straight extending where you can forget about it for over an hour.

Did it for about a week maybe 4 hours a day. No direct girth gains but you need more time to get a real impact.

How much expansion do you guys get after doing a set of these? I get like none.

I tried twisting my dick before wrapping and hanging 2.5 pounds from it last night, and I definitely felt it more. I did a 20 minute set, like that, then unwrapped, twisted it the opposite direction, and did another 20 minutes. All I can say is that it felt like more was happening.

8-1-14 BPEL 7.48 inches EGMS 4.88 inches EGBase 5.35 Inches

Initial goal--7.75 X 5.25 Mid Shaft

11-3-14 BPEL 7.48 inches, EGMS 5.04 inches, EGBase 5.43 Inches...

I bundle when I hang. I hang 9kg at the moment for at least one 20m set per day. I usually hang normal for 5 minutes to begin with. Then twist 180 to the right, and then to the left for 5 minutes each. Then back to normal for the remainder of the 20m set. I Have seen base girth increase. But need more time before I report any positive gains.

Originally Posted by wurst
To a mod: Can this please moved to the Main Member Forum, because this exercise is not for beginners.

I have been asked several times how I achieved a girth gain of 1 inch in a relatively short time. Let me tell you, I never wanted girth in the first place. Right from the beginning when I heard of pe for the first time and reading a lot I only wanted length. Yes, of course that was until I learned that girth is much more important. Nevertheless, I never focused on girth. I have always wanted length, so I have always done exercises to gain length.

I started with basic stretching and jelqing. That was almost 6 years ago. When I realized that PE is for real I became impatient (BIGGEST MISTAKE I ever made in my PE career). I found out about bundled stretches and gave them a try. You can tell easily that they are extremely intense. What you basically do is, you grab your glans, twist it so that your penis gets twisted too and pull it. At that time, I thought more is more. I pushed myself to pain which is really easy with this exercise thinking I would gain faster.

To make the story short, all I did for a very long time was bundled stretches. As far as jelqing is concerned I never did it for a very long time. Sure, they probably have helped in the girth department but it was only a small part in my girth progress. I can attribute the 1 inch girth increase mainly to bundled stretches assisted by jelqs.

Why it works:
The tough tunica surrounding your smooth muscles consist basically of 2 layers. One is for longitudinal expansion and one is for circular expansion. If you want to gain girth you must increase the size of the circular tunica. You can either do this by increasing the pressure through well known exercises such as jelqs, ulis, clamping etc. or by twisting your penis and pulling it. Since this exercise is so intense and can be very painful if you push yourself too far it is not far-stretched that they are more powerful than regular girth exercises.

Other user experiences:
In a German PE forum there are some members who also did these stretches for a long time and they could observe the same pattern like me. Greatly increased girth and what is a really good clue that the girth came from this exercise is a tapered penis. The top inch below my glans is visibly thinner than the rest. Other people observed this too. It makes sense, because most of the twisting happens in the middle of the penis. My base, talking only about the CC, is a little thinner that midhshaft too. It is not too visible. I guess I got some base girth from hanging.

Saiyan22 has been doing bundled work for quite some time and is reporting success. He also clamps though.

A serious warning!:
Since this exercise can be extremely intense you must listen to your body. Go by feeling and nothing else.
It is no exercise for newbies just starting PE. It is for experienced and advanced PE’ler only who know what to look for.
This is only for people struggling for further gains who have already gained quite a lot.
Since I incorporated this exercise at the beginning of my career and pushed myself too far I toughened my penis so that I hardly gain anymore length although trying VERY hard for a VERY long time. You have to realize that it not only stretches the circular layer of the tunica but also the longitudinal one. The problem is you cannot tell where all the stress is focused on. What is stretched more? The longitudinal layer or the circular layer? What is it that makes it feel uncomfortable? When should I decrease intensity? It is hard to say and easy to get injured making further gains becoming an issue.

What to do?:
As for girth gains, grab your head, twist it as much as possible and then pull. Listen to your body. You should feel SLIGHT disomfort but NO PAIN. The reason why you should twist as much as possible and only then pull the penis is that if you twist more, more area of the the circular layer is stressed. Vice versa, if you let’s say only twist 180° less of the circular layer is stressed and the possibility to develop uneven girth is higher. You want as much penis twisted as possible. Just as an example. When I did these exercises I could bundle it to over 720°.

Important detail:
With this exercise you are only stretching the tunica. You should gain quite a lot but in order to maximize your gains it is mandatory to increase the size of your smooth muscles as well. Why? Have a look at one of my favourite PE theories. The TGC-theory. The link can be found in my signature. So either focus on the bundled stretches for a few months then change to basic girth work or do both. It is up to you and how you react to it.

I really suggest you to only do this exercise after you have gained a lot of length and you don’t want much more and after you can’t gain with basic girth exercises anymore.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Hey man, good thread.
One question, should this be done after warming up or could it be done while warming up along with other stretches ?

You probably want to do these after warming up and some jelq exercises. They are a pretty strenuous exercise.

My Penis seems to adapt fast to new techniques. I’ll give this a to for a while and report back

Words of wisdom --"Use the force frodo."

-Captain Picard

Anybody who has experienced loss of EQ possibly from bundled stretching ?

Originally Posted by BigSchlongCH

Anybody who has experienced loss of EQ possibly from bundled stretching ?

yes. You either cutback on intensity or time. With most stretching exercises eq can be a problem.At some point you need to get back eq which might mean you have to do a break.


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