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Clamping: Advanced Empirical Discussion

Originally Posted by LongVehicle

1. I’m sorry. I was under the impression hose clamps were circular. If that is not the case, then my post still might help as the theraband wrap will ensure a better (in my experience) and more comfortable cut off for blood supply. If the clamps can cut theraband, I’m not sure how you are clamping them on to your penis (if you mean actually cut the wrap).

2. The issue of re-tightening might occur with the both of you. I’m not sure if everyone has to do this. I do not. All I said to him was that there is no reason to get an erection, and then lose 25% of it before clamping. That is what I meant by being a waste of time.

3. I’m not sure what you meant by false problem. But, your last point is extremely interesting. There are two members, I don’t remember who exactly unfortunately, that are trying this out as an experiment (clamping for long durations at low intensity).

1. Yes, hose clamps are circular. I put a section of baby-powder bottle I’ve cut, with the inside coated with velvet I glued on, then put the clamp on. It is fast and effective; I don’t feel I need theraband.

2. Huh?

3. I found one:

Starting Clamping experiment soon. Advice appreciated

Anyway, what I was meaning was more something: most of guys don’t need more pressure than a hose-clamp can provide to clamping effectively. Anyone who has empirically tried an hose clamp can agree on that, I suppose. :D

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LV: No ad try it if you like,,makes no difference to me. I have used a lot of other things…for me this is the best.

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Originally Posted by bamabreeze
. My best gains have come in the last two years when I started adding Diabeti-Derm Foot Creme (it is for circulation and contains L-Arginie) to my routine. Try it!!

Yeah, but how is the taste? :)

Seriously though, tell us a bit more about how you used it and what you notice when you are using it correctly. Thanks!

Originally Posted by marinera

…most of guys don’t need more pressure than a hose-clamp can provide to clamping effectively. Anyone who has empirically tried an hose clamp can agree on that, I suppose…

Its mind blowing that you broke a hose clamp!

I am an amateur auto mechanic (fix a lot of my own car problems) for which hose clamps were made. When I have used good quality hose clamps, it should be able to almost cut your dick in half before they break, but cheap ones break easily. So, either you have a steel bar dick or you have cheap clamps!

That’s 100% true, Sparkyx, that’s why I reported the episode.

Just want to add: ‘break’ meant that the hose clamp was ginned (stripped?), so it became impossible to tighten up anymore; I had an hard time getting off the clamp from my penis, also. For sake of explanation, and to warn members, also : hose clamp are not recommended for clamping. Do what I say, not what I did. :)

Marinera, I’m going on the assumption that you have not worked with a cable clamp because they are hard to come by in Italy. Let me try to explain this. It is not a matter of how much pressure the clamp exerts, but the way is does it. I’m sure the hose clamp exerts more pressure, but is just not as good for clamping. The thing that makes these plastic clamps work is a combination of the way the clamp goes on and off, tightens easily one click at a time, but most of all the shape of it that makes it so ideal for PE. Look at the shape of a cable clamp when it is locked into only one click. It is triangular, exactly the shape of an erect penis. If you put it on with the screw down, Like I’ve always suggested, the clamp puts most of the pressure on the sides, as it closes, leaving the sensitive dorsal nerve, and the tender spongiosum almost untouched, especially if you wrap right.

I still say the Theraband is bad wrap, because of the way it sticks to the skin. The wrist wraps are cheap and comfortable, and can be had any any store that sells Ace bandages, or any kind of athletic wraps for injury.You guys from other countries where these clamps are hard to find, should just order them from the site. Or I think Monty sells them, but get them.

Also Cable Clamps do eventually break. I gone through a lot of them. The little plastic locking part just eventually wears out and snaps off.

However, I’m with Sparkx on this one: If your dick is responsible for the breaking of one of those steel automotive hose clamps, the kind you need a screwdriver to put on, we all salute you. :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:

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Your assumption is a pretty easy one Big-G:

marinera - Clamping: Advanced Empirical Discussion


The observation that cable clamps are better because the triangular shape is very interesting: maybe those who can’t find easily cable clamps could use the T Hubbard’ drumsticks to clamp - basically, a AFB-clamper. I have to give it a try.

Just to avoid any possible confusion: I’m not an avid clamper or an expert. Wondering why Drilla9 hasn’t posted here yet - probably too busy.

I just want to say thanks for this thread LV. I always thought it was better to be fully erect in the clamp. Now that I think about it, letting your dick go flaccid while keeping the engorgement makes even more sense because the unloaded tunica, as wad puts it, is much better at producing gains and elongating or enlarging.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

I massage my dick with it in between clamp sessions. It works great for circulation my dick stays rock hard during the sessions and I truly believe it helps.

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I’ve recently stepped up my clamping to four 10-minute sets per day. I have removed pumping from my routine temporarily also. It has definitely done something. As I have studied clamping along the way, measuring while clamped, even back when I would pump before my clamping sessions, I have learned some things.

I no longer advocate pumping before clamping. If one is to pump, I’d recommend it after the clamp sets. The “loaded tunica” idea has some merit in my opinion also.

I used to get 3/4”+ expansion while clamped by my third set. This was after a 15-minute pump set. Now I get only to about 1/2” expansion during my third or 4th clamp set. It was fluid buildup giving that false extra girth. Now when I am clamped in the later sets, my dick is way harder, there is no more spongy lymph fluid false girth. I get that maximum, rock-hard clamped erection, then just let it subside in the clamp(s). I don’t notice it one bit, it stays just as hard and thick as when I attained that initial erection to clamp off. Self-induced priapism, whatever you want to call it, the erection has subsided in the clamp, but it is not noticable because of the tight clamp. This is great, I am really starting to notice the effects of this. The change was like night and day, I swear I have put on another 1/4” EG since switching to this method for only a few weeks. As usual, I am very conservative on reporting stats, I won’t post a measurement until I am 110% certain it is cemented. There is definitely something to this though…

I am working my way into a slightly lighter version of BG’s extreme clamping. I’ve concluded I will need to do that if I am ever going to cross that “just average cock” line. Or at least go from just having a “penis”, to having a “dick”, hopefully even getting up to owning an actual “cock”. For those of us hard girth gainers, extreme clamping, at least to some degree, will be necessary. I will work into being able to do 6 to 10 ten minute clamp sets per day. This (hardcore clamping) is where it is at. I am sick of wasting my time with weak manual exercises. I still do a warm-up and some wet (90% erect) jelq sets before clamping though. Of course doing it all safe, once one is very well conditioned is necessary…

Cheers to a bright future of clamping gains Beretta. I agree with what you wrote. Don’t skip days either.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

Ok, hear me please fellows. I’m going to post some PMs me and Long Vehicle exchanged, related to this topic (with his permission, of course).

For reasons too long to explain here, in the last years he has read and wrote mostly academic things, so his English is not that colloquial; he regrets if his posts sounded somewhat pompous or such, it wasn’t his intention.

Please remember this before going crazy for his formal style. :)


Originally Posted by LongVehicle

I have 3 major issues with clamping now. Unfortunately my posting style is preventing me from figuring this things out:

1. Necessity of intense constriction.

2. TUC.

3. Marginal benefit of adding pumping in conjunction with clamping - is there a codependent benefit of using both given a certain sets of clamping per day?

Currently, I’ve modified my routine thoroughly, moving away from BG style clamping. I clamp for high TUC (18 minutes) and sparingly add sets only when necessary. I’ve found much greater marginal benefit in adding TUC rather than whole sets at lower TUC - so much so that I’ve concluded that BG’s style cannot be optimal. What I’m wondering about now is the respective danger of going over the 20 minute line, with say, lower constriction. Due to my personal results at moving to higher TUC, I’ve begun to think there may be a major benefit in what you mentioned in the thread, clamping for a say an hour at a lower constriction level. If the cause of growth is the cut off of blood flow, and not the expansion, then this might be the solution.

Are you interested in this also? I’m honestly too wary of trying out the experiment myself, but I am willing to add pumping in in a few months and test it out personally.


Originally Posted by marinera

Hard questions, buddy. Adding pumping to clamping makes not that much sense to me; I’m not a big fun of pumping, I could add. Those are personal tastes, anyway, back-uping these preferences could be not that easy.

TUC = time under constriction? Basically, I’d say, two are the factors involvend in clamping:

a) time;

b) force.

I think we could agree that some degree of blood occlusion is required when clamping - so, a minimal amount of force (constriction). So said, the question becomes: is more profitable reaching a near total occlusion of blood flow, or is better reaching the max time under (partial but relevant) occlusion? Let’s say the hypertrophy growth of smooth muscle is triggered by a 2/3 occlusion of total blood flow; if this is true, maximizing time is a better choice than shooting for a 3/3 level of bloodflow occlusion, because maximizing constriction:

1) is harder;

2) is more dangerous.

Time is easier to maximize; I can’t see why three sets of 5 minutes of blood flow occlusion should be less effective than 1 sets lasting 15 minutes. If we suppose that lack of oxygenation is what cause damage of smooth muscle cells, so the event that starts growth, those cells can’t heal in 5 minutes rest. If there are short rests (less than, let’s suppose, 1 hour) between clamping sets, TUC is total time under constriction, so if this time is reached wit short rests between sets should make little or no difference.

The same reasoning culd be true for force (degree of constriction). Why an higher level of constriction should be better than a lighter level, but for long time? What counts is cell damage. What I mean is that we can reduce two variables to one, if we suppose that growth is caused by cell damage (wich, supposedly is caused by ischemia :) ):

if you damage 50% of cells in 1 minute with a 100% of blood-flow occlusion, there isn’t any reason why you couldn’t damage 50% of cells in 2 minutes with a 50% of blood-flow occlusion.

Hope this post doesn’t sound too confused. :)


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