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Extremely frustrated about flaccid size

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Originally Posted by drew_2003
I’m really frustrated. My flaccid size is still the same size as it was when I started PE about 4 years ago. This is really depressing me because a big flaccid hang is pretty much all I want right now.


Any sort of encouragement would be great.

I would recommend drinking a lot of water and regular excercise, also lose weight if you’re overweight.
My flaccid size has gone up 25% since doing that and yet I don’t have any actual real erect gains since I’m not actively PE’ing at the moment.

drew_2003, are you a smoker? I have been off the nicotine for about six months and notice better flaccid hang and better erections. And also, try reducing that fat pad.

Another issue might be caffeine — are you a coffee addict? Try cutting down, because coffee is a vasoconstrictor.

A lazy google took me to wikipedia:

Vasoconstriction - Wikipedia

Vasoconstriction is the narrowing of the blood vessels resulting from contracting of the muscular wall of the vessels. When blood vessels constrict, the flow of blood is restricted or slowed.

I’m going to try drinking more water. I don’t smoke and I have virtually no fat pad and I try to stay away from caffeine. I used to work out a lot but recently that has taken a back seat to work and school and PE :) Maybe I should start at least doing some cardio again.

If you are doing PE every day, taking a couple of days of complete rest may well see an increase in your flaccid. The water and fowfers (not on rest days) are a good idea too.

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Traction wrapping help me with flaccid size.

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Flaccid length has more to do with how much your ligs can retract then anything. I’ve found that it just doesn’t seem to matter what I do there is a wide variation of flaccid length mostly determined by a dose of C and water intake. One of the other great factors is how much heat my package is subjected to. If I cool my jets in a lounge chair and just allow heat to build up my flaccid will be very decent. At other times I can’t get a flaccid hang to save my life unless I do some jelqing or other form of manual stretch and even then results are determined more by temperature then anything.

Frankly gentlemen Flaccid hang is something I haven’t been able to influence with any amount of definitive control. My conclusion is that it is in the Genes. Some hang a greater flaccid but they have the same erect length. Others like my self just don’t hang well but we grow well.

What are you going to do there’s SHOWERs and there’s GROWERs

I am now dubious if that can be changed.

I do know that after a couple of operations I had a few months ago that my flaccid length was reduced while my erect length remained the same….NUTS!!

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I seem to recall reading some threads where people were saying they used to be “growers” and now are “showers”.

My question to those people would be this; has the smallest possible size of your flaccid penis changed? Has your pre-PE “doing heavy lifting outside in below freezing weather” flaccid size gotten bigger compared to your post-PE “doing heavy lifting outside in below freezing weather” flaccid size.

For me, the flaccid sizes can vary an astronomical amount. On a cold day my penis sometimes looks smaller than a two year old’s. Other times it looks absolutely enormous, such as in a hot shower.

With so many of these variables, I honestly do not think that flaccid size can be accurately judged. In public situations try getting a small semi. Use your best judgment though, as it could prove to be very embarrassing. I do this and people usually refer to me as tremendously hung, when really I am moderately above average in length.

Yes, what you call “doing heavy lifting outside in below freezing weather” flaccid state, or the “while being scolded by the boss”, or “just found your car damaged in the parking” state, has increased for me, but only recently while training for girth and for head size.

Cut back on coffee, too much caffeine can turtle you up. However ginkgo AAKG seem to trump this effect. Green Tea is also good for woodies.

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That is strange kingpole because Green Tea is a caffeine alkaloid but there my be some difference in the coffee type caffeine in some way not sure.

Current stats march 2008= Nbel 6.75 Bpel 7.5 Eg 5.5

Goal by the end of next year Nbel 8.5 Eg 6.5

I posted this here Cock Kent - Gains but no flaccid

KP was the person I read posting about caffeine. By the way thanks KP! Caffeine levels are different.

Coffee 8 oz 107.5 Caffeine MG/OZ
Tea Green 8 oz 25 Caffeine MG/OZ

I still drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day but I also add a couple cups of Green and Rishi tea.

Caffeine Content of Drinks

Yes, KP told me about the coffee as well. YEAH KINGPOLE!!! I have cut way back, but still have a little.

Also because of KP’s advice I added lots of green tea, ginkgo, and the AAKG — all of those work great for keeping the circulation super down there. I believe the ginkgo has made my glans more sensitive too.

diesel220 — I am guessing that the benefits of the anti-oxidents in green tea outweigh the minimal caffeine in it. I try to drink decaf green tea too. I outta log out and brew a pitcher.


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