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Fix Your Head


Fix Your Head

Mindset matters
On top of your shoulders is the most important organ in your body. It consumes 1/5 of your energy. People say that your attitude to life affects everything. If you are a negative person, you’ll be primed to ignore this. Who want to be negative?

Tuning your mind is the first step to any form of success. If you can see what you want it makes it easier to get there. However, if you fail in your head, your body will work to confirm this. Take a second and ask yourself if you believe you can succeed. If not, let’s fix that now.

The subconscious or nonconcious mind has great power. It works to make what you want happen. It also doesn’t really understand the difference between fact and fiction. Be careful how you talk to yourself. Be careful of the media you feed yourself. It’s time to make it work for you.

Imagine yourself in the future, in the perfect state you want. See your brimming confidence. Watch your interactions with other people. Take some time to strengthen this image in your mind. What details do you see? The little things that maybe you’ve noticed in other people and wondered how to make them a part of you. Now imagine yourself stepping into your future self, becoming your future self. Imagine how good that feels.

Ok, this might seem pretty out there but it’s backed by cognitive science. Your mindset is what you become. This is a simple way to train your mind to get you were you want to go. The more you repeat it, the stronger it gets.

Affirmations are another mechanism. They are simple, personal and present tense. If you say to yourself

  • I am an excellent performer.
  • I am always calm.
  • I always have a positive attitude.

You are telling your subconscious to get to work on making that real. Repeat your phrase often, with belief and watch things change for you. Write it down often and say it to yourself. There’s less science to back up affirmations but try them and see where you are in a month and a year.

The way you talk to yourself has a big impact on the way you view yourself. If you are constantly negative about yourself, what do you expect to happen?

Imagine treating yourself as well as you’d treat a good friend or someone you want to encourage. Notice when you speak harshly to yourself. Look for an encouraging thing to say. You want to succeed. Give yourself the best chance.

It takes, Anders Ericsson estimated, 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. Yet we spend little time in our lives trying to improve the way we think. College might teach us certain ways of thinking that are field specific but other than that we don’t spend a lot of time in our lives trying to improve. That means the bar is super low, you can put in a bit of time and be better than most people. Try these ideas. Search for books on thinking and mindset to expand. Give it a go.

Completely awesome post. The stuff is gospel. Negative self talk is a harsh cycle that can be very very difficult to get out of because your mind is tricking you. This stuff works I promise.

Thank you for sharing with everyone

Might I add “watch your habits”. Once you build a habit it never truly goes away, even if you build a new habit to replace the old one.

Start 9/25/19 - 6 3/4" BPEL -> 11/20/19 - 7" BPEL -> 9/1/20 - 7 1/4" BPEL -> trying to hit anything over 8" BPEL (only updating every 1/4" it's slow but it's working)

- You only have one dick. Don't break it.

- Give her an orgasm before you stick your prick in her.

I look at myself in the mirror every day and say I am great but tomorrow I will be even better. It always makes me smile.

Penis Pride

Great post.
The power of awareness goes hand in hand with this.

Having strong and constant awareness is almost superhuman compared to your typical person. Most people arent really living either, they are just here. Swimming in a pool of distraction.

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*GOAL- BPEL-8 NBPEL-7.5 MEG-5.5* My journey —>New Guy In Town Progress Report

I speak on this many times. My life didn’t change until I believed in my worth and knew it for certain.

An excellent reminder anyone can benefit from.

Now: 9" BPEL x 6.25" MSEG as of 11/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My Extender and forward to 10" and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *10* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

Affirmations are powerful. The Law of Attraction is real.


The only secret is that it takes determination, motivation, consistency, and dedication.

Know your body's minimum and maximum limits. Every man is different. Only YOU can find what is effective for YOU.

This is beautiful.

I am slowly becoming who I’ve always dreamed to be.
Not just an affirmation anymore, it is happening for real.


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Great post guys,

Last three months; a lot of shifts for me I have my own space, I am having therapy, been practising yoga and meditation for the last two months and become a vegetarian on top of that.

Its all been very powerful and I feel like I am in a great place to go into 2020 with a bang.. I already have a one week noble silcence meditation lined up beginning of Jan and then a Vipassana 10 day in February.

Really tryna make changes: I am reading Carl Jung and various other psychotherapy books.. If its 10,000 hours I hope to achieve that in less than a year and have self mastery conquered in 2020, with a lot of dedication.

Oh, did I mention my PE training is going from strength to Strength in fact my three month short term goal of 7inches was due on the 24th December, I haven’t even measured yet!!

Thanks for the post, excellent work!

21/09/2019. 6.2 inches bone pressed erect length.

Short-term goal 24/12/2019

7inches bone pressed erect length

This feels very timely.

One thing I would add: be aware of your self talk. If we make a mistake, we will often think to ourselves something along the lines of, “you idiot, why did you do that? You really make dumb mistakes sometimes.”


This is negative self talk, and it leads to poor self image along with a whole host of other issues you just don’t need.

A key identifier of negative self talk is: would you say this to a close friend? No? Then speak to yourself the way you would to that friend.

This insight is not new, but it’s very simple and was really driven home to me by a trainer in my gym. I was making a remark about a recent minor injury I sustained, how it was my own fault and what a dumb meathead I was being in that moment. She cocked her head to the side and was silent for a moment. Then she responded, “so if I had been the one that was injured, would you call me a dumb meathead?”

“No! Of course not!” I responded. “I have too much respect for you.” She just stared back at me and raised an eyebrow. The point was driven home.

This thing is beautiful, true. But there is a big downside to it and it has to be said.

While doing this, you have to be very aware and observe yourself. Why? Because you may fall into your own lies by doing this. How? Well lets make an example:

You are very bad and awful person. Then you will start telling yourself that you are very good person, every day, for a whole year.
At the end of the year you’ll believe that you are actually good person, but does that necessarily mean you changed into good person? No. You can still be a bad person but you’ll just believe that you are good one.

Another example is to know what is possible and what not. Just because you will telling yourself that you can grow another hand, doesn’t mean you will actually grow another hand.

So you have to be careful what do you tell to yourself. There is no point in telling yourself lies. That is the same like watching fake news and believe in them.
You have to carefully choose the right affirmations if you want them work for you.

There are also times when is better to challenge yourself rather than make affirmations. At least that works for me. Sometimes I like to tell myself that I am too weak for something and that will help me to overcome it and succeed.

So, guys. Be aware, observe yourself and use it wisely. Don’t be a bitch for affirmations, make that bitch work for you.

"If you desire one thing for so long, it is a given that you will miss other things along the way. That is how it is... that is life."

Great philosophy, but I thought this was about enhancing my little head. And you can do that too.

Originally Posted by Glowsticker
This is beautiful.

I am slowly becoming who I’ve always dreamed to be.
Not just an affirmation anymore, it is happening for real.

That’s how the mind works. It will begin to make your thoughts and affirmations a reality, the brain will fill int he middle pieces.

Thank you so much. I really needed this right now and it will help me for sure.

Originally Posted by Makehergocrazy
Great post.
The power of awareness goes hand in hand with this.

Having strong and constant awareness is almost superhuman compared to your typical person. Most people arent really living either, they are just here. Swimming in a pool of distraction.

Most are following a set of rules they don’t even know exist.

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