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Can you share what you've gained from if you have?

I hang 20 mins before work, ADS while at work, and three 20 min/10 min break each night. Do more on some weekends when I have the time

Started: (NOV14) BPEL 5" MEG 4.75" BEG 4.75"

Current: BPEL 6.438 MEG 4.875" BEG 5.25"

What hanger what ADS? Do you also jelq?

What us your previous PE experience to this hanger/ADS routine?

Originally Posted by mitchcarter

I hang 20 mins before work, ADS while at work, and three 20 min/10 min break each night. Do more on some weekends when I have the time

Yeah! and do you hang hard or hang with the reccomended ride the fatigue setup and wear the hanger for the whole 20 minutes(intensity level)? And i’m guessing that means you hang daily with no rest in any way?

BPEL: 8.35"/ NBPEL:7.0" /EG: Apprx. 5.5"

I have mostly used a homemade hanger/ADS. I started with a store bought extender but I did not like all the pressure on my glands. I experimented with several designs until I found what worked for me. My ADS is a “C” clamp set up. I wrap, add a rubber ring, then the clamp. Dog collar just above knee to hook it to. I also use a strong elastic cord to maintain pressure more constantly then I had with just string. I have both store/homemade hanger. Home version - wrap, Velcro wrap, a cable clamp. Store - Malehanger. I still use both but only have had the bought one for a few weeks.

Forgot to answer hanging method. I started with a 2.5 lb plate and go up when I can make it through a hour worth of sets with only mid level fatigue. I use weight levels that cause the following effects for me: 1st 20 min set becomes uncomfortable at about 15 mins, 2nd will be around 12-13min mark, and last becomes very noticeable around 10 mins. When I say uncomfortable I am referring to intense pressure not pain. I only get pain if I wrap poorly and have to rewrap. At 12.5 lbs now.

ADS is worn throughout the day from about 6am til about 4pm. I take breaks most hours for 5 mins or so. I use a strong elastic cord to keep a manageable but noticeable pull through shaft. Usually only get in about a solid 7 hours because of meetings, etc.

I might be wrong but in my head I believe that if I can not feel the pull than its not working to it’s full effect. I don’t schedule days off but I do take them when fatigue effects me with ADS. I usually still do one hanging set even on the off day.

Have not gained much in mid shaft girth but base is up over 1/4”. Will start concentrating on girth in another 1/2”.

I wanted to know about your previous PE experience to this, did you ever o manuals like Ullis, jelqs, stretches.. ? Are you cut mate? You seem to be.

I don’t get your setup for the ADS.. A pic would be so cool! What’s a rubber ring? And what kind of clamp do you use?

Congrats on your gains man!

On my phone at the moment but will try to describe ADS.

Franco DWV flexible PVC coupling
Split ring clamp also called split pipe hanger
String/wire your choice
Thumb screws for faster install
Dog collar/ leg strap
Small carabiner
Elastic cord

Hack saw

Most of the items can be bought at Lowes/Home depot type stores.
- Cut the extra pipe tab off the hanger with a hack saw
- Drill a hole in both sides of the hanger to run string through
- Connect string/wire. I put a rubber sleeve on it to avoid string from rubbing my glands but that is a preference
- Cut the coupling width wider than the hanger. Cut the length slightly smaller than your girth. Will allow for compression. To avoid slipping make sure to cut width to include one of the ridge rings built into the coupling. These are designed to hold an o ring in place
- Connect cord to large dog collar. Size of collar depends on you legs
-Warp your member with your preferred material
- Put rubber ring around wrap. Ridge facing glands
- Compress split ring and tighten with thumb screw
- Make sure wrap does not bunch or pinch
- Put collar above knee or below your preference
- Use carbine to connect hanger to elastic cord

Measurements depend on your girth. Things that make it smoother for me: hinge split ring - only needs on thumb screw, sleeve on string - helps avoid string rub, cutting off pipe tab - less noticeable under clothes

My prior PE experience is very limited, minor manual exercises to learn some technique and start the creative process. I don’t warm up much but may start using warming pad when I hang (wife won one at a sex toy party). Hope this helps. Will put up pics when I get home if that would help

Thanks mate, very well explained.. Still hard to understand tho.. Yes pics would b nice. Do you think uncut guys could use it?

I am trying to attach the ADS picture. 1st time uploading a pic so we will see how this goes.

Hang wrap.jpg
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Nice mate. Thanks for sharing. If that is your ADS how’s your hanger haha

1.5inch length
0.5inch girth

1inch came from newbie routine followed by hanging (was upto 12lbs at the time) the last 0.5inch has come from a mix of Jelqing, stretching, pumping, etc

All came from the newbie routine and dry Jelqing.

Now I’m focussing on girth - I am pumping, clamping or doing both the same day.

Gorth hasn’t moved in years infortunately…

My routine now consists of -

8am: 20-30mins wet jelq (before work)
12pm: 2x7-10min clamping (lunch break)
7pm: 3x5mins bathmate (after gym)
10pm: 30mins stretching (bed)

Would also throw in air pumping some stage of the weekend when o have more free time. Just sit on the sofa while the wife and I chill.

Aug 5th 2005: BPEL: 6.5 -- EG: 4.5 (start)

May 16th 2015: BPEL: 8.0 -- EG: 5.25 (present)

Goal: 8.5x5.5

I need to make a correction to a previous post. I stated 6 months but April 1 will be 5 months. Started November 1 and do formal measurements on the 1st of each month. I do NYC while at my computer. Attach hanger, sit on edge of chair, add weight, and hang while I goof off. Keep a blanket over my lap. Not strange in my house because we are a watch TV with a blanket kind of family. Will try other angles when progress drops below 1/8” a month.

Started: (NOV14) BPEL 5" MEG 4.75" BEG 4.75"

Current: BPEL 6.438 MEG 4.875" BEG 5.25"

Mirth, you are an ingenious one like Bib an others, if you are uncut would be great to know how you deal with that. By the way, what is NYC?

Icecam. In that first inch, how much came from just the newbie and how much from the combination of the newbie and hanging? Why did you stop such a successful routine? Lucky you can pump your dick with your wife


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