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PE & Your Kids

PE & Your Kids

Anybody here with kids ever told their children about PE? I’m a younger father and I want my son to be set up for success everywhere in his life, and I try my best to ensure that. He’s only 9 at the moment so PE or talking about sex is completely out of the question, obviously, other than the basic questions he brings to me.

However, as a father I think we all look back at our childhoods and think; what do we wish our parents would have done differently?

I can remember being a young teen snooping around my dads room and finding a penis pump. And now thinking back to the difference in my dad and I in a community shower, and knowing he spent a couple hours a night in his office at night where he didn’t want to be disturbed, I am COMPLETELY sure my dad was a PE’er 20 years ago via the pump, and it clearly worked…

FUCK do I wish my dad would have “had the balls” or courtesy to tell me about that when I was 16 or 17 I’d be 7” thick already too!

Which is why I’m considering how to tell my son about it once he’s around 16, without being weird. I think after training with him one day at the gym being like, “You know son, you can train your penis too and it will grow just like your biceps,” and then giving him the link to Thunders and hopefully by then my retired, sanitized, PE gear.

Has ANYBODY done anything like this or has it been too difficult of a subject to approach outside of the privacy of the forums.

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I will, should I ever have a son. I’ll worry about how when that time comes.

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Yepp, I concur. If I ever end up having a kid and a son at that I’ll be damned if I don’t tell him about this “secret” society called P.E and how to improve on what he’s already got.

Don’t think its in my cards. I only have a daughter, and seeing as my wife most probably will have to go for an hysterectomy soon, I doubt there will be more kids.

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This is weird because I was thinking about asking this question but didn’t know how people would take it. Although I don’t see me having a conversation with him about this for another 10 years.

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That would be a tremendous gift to have an actual live human, who is your dad, who has his shit together and is well centered, who has had success in PE, teach you about the details of PE in a fatherly manner. Same goes for sex and how to please a woman, how to stay away from porn. I think alot is lost generation to generation due to shame on the part of fathers who just are too constipated to have ‘the talks’.

It would be rough on a boy to see his father hung like a Tapir, and himself hung normally, or high average. Then question why god fucked him over.

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It’s funny this was finally brought up here because I have 6 kids, 5 girls, 1 boy and I think about how to tell him about PE when he’s older. He’s only 5 now but in the past when he was younger I’m sure he noticed I had a pump on under my bath robe. I didn’t actively do PE in front of him obviously but once in a while I would be in the shower using the BM and I’d get out and hear him at the door asking for something, so I’d throw on my robe and get whatever he needed. Well it’s obvious something is under the robe and he’s even asked and I’ve ignored. Now a few months back I was peeing and earlier in the day I did a pumping and clamping routine while he was at pre K and my younger two where napping, he comes in and sees me peeing and goes dad you got a big penis, lol. Well two things occurred to me then, one I don’t ever want him to be insecure like me, and two there has to be some kind of way for me to tell him about PE when he gets older. Beside kids get nosey as they get older, I know I was, so odds are he may find something like a pump or a hanger better to explain the have him be mortified. But how? Well Deep you’ll be there before me so let me know your approach down the road.

I’ve thought about it and also have a 15 year old son that’s going through puberty right now. I might tell him that PE exists and that it worked for me and leave it at that unless he has questions. This is quite a dilemma for me.

It’s not something I’d share. I’d think bringing it up would convey the message he’s not got what it takes. Not everyone cares about their size.

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I showed my oldest the website. He’s not said anything about it. I didn’t want to tell him his mother drove me here.

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If the kids feel they have an issue they will find these places the same as we all did. I don’t think most kids want to picture their dad sitting around pulling his penis. It’s like picturing your parents having sex; yuck

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
If the kids feel they have an issue they will find these places the same as we all did. I don’t think most kids want to picture their dad sitting around pulling his penis. It’s like picturing your parents having sex; yuck

No most kids may not want to picture that but if we treat sex as taboo what do you think will happen?

I remember finding my dads porn stash and realizing that I wasn’t fucked up because I also loved porn. Well wait….. my dad was fucked but for other reasons not sexual. Sex was never a taboo topic in my family and we were for the most part conservative on some issues and less so on others, sex being the others. I learned because of that, that sex is a good thing not an off topic. Not something taboo and God forbid a SIN. How many people from the beginning are told sex is a sin? Where do most of them wind up? I know the answers to these questions I’m asking you guys that feel the topic is a no go from parental standpoint.

Sorry for getting a little off topic

How about stressing education or just being a good person as opposed to a bigger dick will get you want you want.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55

How about stressing education or just being a good person as opposed to a bigger dick will get you want you want.

Jimmy for me those are obvious and first and foremost. I didn’t realize your the kind of guy that needs step by step instructions

Well with the unnecessary slight aside do you really think most men, or women for that matter really care about dick size? Not really but if it makes you feel better go tell your kid.

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