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Punctuated PE Theory

Punctuated PE Theory

The former 7-Up here (the V-stretch guy) Sorry to be so slow about responding to some of you guys. I am just really pushed for time these days. I hypothesize that the main limiting factor for growth is the tunic that surrounds the 3 erectile cylinders that compose the penile shaft. This tunic is composed of an especially tough combination of fibers, along with a gel and some living cells. In teaching anatomy I have dissected many cats. The pericardial membrane surrounding the heart is composed of similar tissue. And I can tell you that it is tough. You can not tear it. In fact, it is erven hard to cut with a scalpel. Reminds me of mylar. The tunic has a limited capactiy to stretch when the fibers that are suspended in the gel slide past each other. When extended to maximum length the tunic is thinnest. When flacid it is thickest….like a rubber band. When we reach a plateau and can grow no more, it may be because we have lengthened the tunic a bit and itt is thus thinner. My guess, based on my experience and a lot of reading, is that rapid growth can not take place until the tunic regains its normal thickness. Giving it a rest of lets say a month to six weeks may allow new cells, gel, and fibers to form. The old thickness is thus regained, and new length can take place. I have really grown rapidly after this long break. Gained about 3/4 inch in just a few weeks. Just about 1/16 th inch away from 9” now. So I went from 6.5 to almost 9. That is about 2.5” gain without hanging. And now I use a much briefer and much simpler routine. I am beginning to believe that there may be far greater growth potential than I imagined. I think initial growth is from lig stretching. Beyond that I think it is tunic stretching. So I propose something like…work hard til you plateau then punctuate it with a long break with only a little lite maintenance work. Then start back with a fury. What do you guys think. Nothing works for everyone, though. MXL

Interesting post, congrats on gains!! What do you think is the best exercise for stretching the tunic?

Regards Rolo

MXL: great info. Can u tell me your routine and AFTER how many weeks of the routine do you take a month to 6 weeks pause?


I have a very simplified routine these days. Seems that short intense sessions do me more good. I warm up my unit with a “mug” of water hot as I can stand. It is a good sized, plastic insulated mug for drinking cold tea, etc.. I almost fill it up, insert my unit. I press it over my penis and testicles and hold it in place, moving it around occasionally until it no longer feels warm. At that point thermal equilibrium has been reached and there is no need to do it longer. The heat helps the gel to change to a sol phase in the tunic. thus the tuinic stretches more quickly and easily. I repeat the “mugging” about every 5 minutes during my short routine. The heat and the moisture help the penile skin to stretch better, too.

Then I lube up with olive oil (best thing I have found). I do 10 minutes of long, slow, hard, downward flacid jelq-stretches. Straight down as slow and hard as I can. I am really trying to lengthen the shaft as I slowly (10 sec) pull down between by legs. Do this 5 min, hot mug again, then 5 more minutes of downward flacid jelq-stretches.

Hot mug again. Do 5 minutes of full erection 2-handed jelq-squeezes. Encircle and clamp the base with one hand. With the other hand grab and squeeze the upper mid shaft (fattest part for me). I slowly jelq down to that fattest part then give the shaft a series of hard squeezes that last about 5 sec. each. Just keep repeating this. Do these 5 minutes, hot mug again and do 5 minutes more of the full erection 2-handed jelq-squeezes.

Next I pull my unit out to maximum length and apply 4 or 5 ice cubes, one at a time along the penile shaft. Allow them to melt on the shaft. This is to “harden” it at maximum length. Turn the sol phase back into a gel so shaft remains in elongated state for longer time. Then I sometimes wear a constriction ring for an hour to keep unit at this greater length. I pull on it , v-stretch it, off and on all day long. Wat are your thoughts here? This may not work for everyone. I think my initial gains were lig stretching and later gains were tunic stretching. MXL

Hey MXL,

Could you please repeat your description of your jelqu-squeezes? I didn´t quite get it.
you clamp the base with one hand. do you grap your shaft with the remaining hand at a point, which is near to head or the base? you said you jelqu down to the fattest part… with which hand? with the hand at the base? if so, does the hand which is already at the fattest part move?
Sorry about that, but i really couldn´t understand it.



One hand remains clamped at the base to keep blood in the erect member. This also protects the tiny valves in the penile veins. The second hand begins at the base and slowly jelq’s up to the fattest part of the penis (in my case about 1” behind the glans) I stop there and squeeze hard as I can without rupturing blood vessels. The fluid pressure will be distributed in all directions, effectively stretching the tunic in all directions. You can see your penis lengthen about 1/16th inch as you squeeze, the glans swells and every other part of the shaft thickens. I dop this in rhythmatic pulses (squeeze, hold 2-5 sec, release, squeeze, hold 2-5 seconds, release, etc. etc.) Get it erect again as possible and repeat. Is this clear? Words can be taken so many ways. Be careful or you may rupture a vessel. I did. I iced it down and it looked bad for a while but in a week it was back to normal. That was a year ago, I guess. Hope this helps. MXL (7-Up)

MXL: Thx for the routine, but I want to know after how many weeks do you take the PAUSE?


When do we take a break from PE?

I have no set formula. We are all different. I suggest that when you stop gaining….when you plateau, that is the time to stop for several weeks (I like suggest 6 weeks). Just do some short, light maintenance stretches and jelqing. Let the tunic cells divide, secrete more gel, secrete more elastic and inelastic fibers. I think that taking condroitin/glucosamine, vitamin C, and Zinc may help the tunic cells to rethicken the membranes so it can be restretched. This is all based on my own experience, my insight from teaching human anatomy, and all the research done with rolfing. Look up rolfing on the web. It is a technique for elongating connective tissue similar to the tunic. Later. MXL

Hi Magnum, Thanks for the info. What are your girth gains? How long have you been pe-ing? What’s your workout schedule (days on, rest days)? Thank you.


Perfect. now i got it. thanks


my secret is out....

MXL. I am actually using deep tissue massage (I cannot call it Rolfing, as it is a trademarked name) on the various connective tissue in the pelvis. Seems to aid in releasing the tissues and allowing for elongation. I have offered up a few basic techniques in the forum for ‘laypeople’ to use, but I doubt I will go into all the techniques as they are pretty risky if you do not have a solid background in A&P :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

How long do I have to wait?

I’ve just recently hit a plateau in PE. I haven’t seen any gains in about a month. I decided that I was going to take a break and see if I could get another jump when I restart. I was wondering how long is the right amount of time to wait? Right now I’m thinking of taking a week off and just doing kegals, no stretches or jelqing. Is a week enough time for the tunica to recover?


Whoaaaaa dude. It is a THEORY based on MXLs experience. I personally don’t think that time frame is ground in stone, as it may depend on how long you were PEing until you reached a plateau, your age, capacity to heal, lifestyle, etc. Even MXL has said it is a guesstimate. Don’t jump on people because you read things as black and white, when he said ” lets say a month to six weeks.” It doesn’t rigidly say you must take that amount of time off, he is throwing it out for further comment and debate.

We are a pretty supportive community here and don’t jump on people for asking questions, as we are all here to learn. I would hope you can appreciate that and would refrain from doing so in the future :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

AnderS, have 2 agree with 2in2002. I’ve read a lot of your posts and you come across as angry. I don’t know whether this is because English is not your mother tongue or whether you are actualy angry :| Having said that, I guess no-ones perfect. I’m guilty of way too much noise (I’m trying to cut down, honest).

on the point of hitting a plateau, I found I was slowing down took a week off and came back with strong growth, but then I don’t think I’ve reached the end of easy initial growth. Some people just change their routines/intensity to get over the plateau.

Bib covered the tunica and plateaus (amongst other extremely useful stuff) in

Various reposts

Did anybody ever hear from magnum/7up if his theory was still working for him?

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