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Most Important Hanging Threads


Most Important Hanging Threads

General Hanging Threads

The place to start your fantastic journey into the wonderful world of Hanging weights from your penis:
Hanging 101 + Sample Routine

Whether you realise it or not wrapping is a linchpin of successful hanging, skip this thread if you want hours of frustration:
Wrapping drawings

First thing you need to start hanging is a hanger. The options are to buy one or make one. Please make one:
Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

OK so now you are hanging but its a bit sore on the skin:
How to remove skin soreness while hanging

Bib Hanger Specific Threads

The factory* Bib hanger has its intricacies, start your journey toward black belt Bib hanging:
Bib Hanger toe in/toe out/gap settings pics

So you have a factory* Bib hanger, here’s the place to bitch about the toe settings:
Bib Hanger Feedback

*Run by elves on their night off from the cobblers.

Originally Posted by Bib
So you have a factory* Bib hanger, here’s the place to bitch about the toe settings:
Bib Hanger Feedback

*Run by elves on their night off from the cobblers.


How old are you? 75?…and you have a 10 inch+ dick? I’ve got this image in my head….

You’re like the Santa Claus of PE with elves running around a factory making dick hangers ( and they probably have big dicks dragging around on the floor ).

There’s something magically perverted and yet so right about that.

Finally, a Santa Claus for grown ups.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Bigger is 94 and feisty with it. He doesn’t have a beard he has a ‘tache.

Two days in a row that Bib got a thread put in my fav. places. Spiffy!

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

I have a question that I hope somebody can answer. I’m somewhat new to PE, I’ve been hanging/Jelqing/stretching for about three months. I have no exact routine because of family schedules and what not. I’ve gained approximately 1/2 inches during this time in flacid length, but nothing really noticable in EL. This is all measured in BPL. Has someone ever come up with some kind of general “formula” as to how Flacid length my eventually equate to erect length gains? I undestand that flacid would be seen sooner, but at some point, Facid has to translate into EL. I’m discouraged in some reguards, although I’ve read enough threads to know that it takes a minimum of three months to see real gains. I’m at that point right now. I’m going to press on, but was just wondering who if anyone has had similar experiences or if anyone had worked out some kind of general “ratio”. Thanx

I could find no comments on the Circle Device by Dr. France ( It seems to be quite light but claims not to intrude circulation (even urination is possible with the device on) and thus can be worn for ours uninterrupted. Does anybody think it’s worth buying ?

I think that circle device is the biggest rip-off I’ve ever seen!!! It’s just an advanced weight! LOL!!

Never ever a turtle again...

Hey guys. I can’t post so I figured I would chime in here. Anyway, as you can see by my stats and how long I have been PEing, that I am a very slow gainer. Anyway, I am also very eager to get to my summer goal. So I have to ask you hangers and clampers for a little advice. You see, my #1 priority is not getting injured. I would rather have my 6x5 then nothing. So is what I was wondering is how much did you guys gain without hanging and clamping? Can I continue to gain without hanging and clamping? Also, does hanging and clamping effect girth and length. Thanks a lot guys.

Starting, Feb. 04' BPEL 5.5, EG 4.5, Feb 06' BEPEL 6.00, EG 5.0

Summer goal- 6.25 BPEL, 5.25 EG, HELP ME GET IT!

I recently made a Captn Wench and needed to get some info and tips on stretching with it, what is best to use for hanging, and other things.

Jan 1st/07 - 7 14/16'' BP 4 Month Growth Comparison Pics - First Clamping pics

Feb 2009 - 8.15'' BP / 7.4'' NBP x 5.1'' EG New pics

Does anybody have experience hanging with piercings? I have two ampallang piercings (from one side of the head to the other, and one prince albert). First of all I’m scared if the weight slips than there goes my piercings and my dick.yuck.blood. I’m also wondering what kind of results this kind of exercise really yields. I’ve been tempted to hang, but am still a little scared. Some people swear by it.I don’t know.


If you are just starting, how much weight should you use.

How much weight to use?

How much is a good weight to start with?

Hi anybody has pics on BTC, SO or OTS hanging positions? I would like to see what’s the most common position on these hanging forms. Thanks a lot.


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