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Don't know how to break Plateau

Don't know how to break Plateau

Well I don’t mean to cause problems by doing a new thread on this rather than keeping it in my own progress thread but this problem needs more attention and help, I hope this is ok to do.

So for all of 2016 I haven’t really grown my length any further with my routine. I’ve been doing variations to it, with some time extensions and increasing pressure intensity, but nothing has really come of anything. Sometimes I measure myself when erect and my measurements have sometimes been down even.

I looked at different threads to try and learn something from other people’s routines but quite frankly it’s just baffling with so much information and I don’t know if it will work for me as I am in a different position with a different penis to the posters, so rather than hitting a brick wall of information I can’t get through and process I think it’s better to ask people here for direct help.

I really don’t know how to shock my system in a way that will be more effective to what I’m doing, I don’t know differentiation will work and what doesn’t as I get virtually no PIs to show that I’m going in a right direction or not. I don’t know what people here may suggest but I really need a big shake up and experimentation, any suggestions would be very welcome, as frankly I can’t go on another year doing the same and getting no measurement improvements.

Here is what I am doing so far. I go from one set of 20 minutes straight into the other..

20 minutes of IR heat
20 mins stretching
20 mins jelqing.
I rest a few hours and then do
20 mins of Kegel

Sometimes I do 20-40 mins of either heat, stretching and jelqing to push myself further, but again I’m not seeing any improvements.

I do this for about 3-5 days in succession followed by 1 day rest. I vary this due to work and time, maybe 2 days rest. I took a break for a few months in 2016 due to time too. No change.

I am thinking of doing all day hanging, but I’ll be damned if I know what are the best hangers and where to get them, as I don’t have a clue how to make them. So that for me also seems like a non starter in terms of research etc. But this seems to be the most extreme effective solution for my problems. If anyone has ideas on this too I would be appreciative.

If anyone has any questions or solutions/suggestions for me I would be very thankful. Much gratitude to anyone who can help me, as well as another donation to this site from me.

(Please see my signature for measurement increase details. Basically I start in 2014 at 5 /14 inch and hit 5 3/4s near the end of 2015 and apart from hitting 6 inches a few times, I haven’t had an increase since.)

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

You may want to take a decon break - no PE of any kind - for a month. PE toughens up your septum and ligaments, making it more difficult to get additional gains. A decon break would allow your septum and ligaments to decondition, making them easier to stretch in the future.

Live long and prosper.

I would be happy to do that. But I already took a break toward the end of last year. I’ve been doing PE for about 3 months now. I’ve had breaks before, but they haven’t done any improvement to my length.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

Have you thought about using a grip aid of any sort? I’ve been wrapping lately and I’m finding it can a much better manual stretch than I could with just my hand.

Not thought about that. I grip pretty hard and I’m sure I’m stretch at the right intensity, I pull rather hard and tight but it never leaves me penis aching, rather just the pelvic/penis base area only. So I don’t know if I should be stretching harder. If so, I would use a grip to stop my hands aching.

How does your wrap and grip work? Would be a welcome addition.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

I wrap just like you would wrap for hanging. I use a piece of theraband cut into a 10-15” strip about 1.5” wide. Really you could use a piece of a t-shirt or cut up a swim cap or anything of the sort. Personally I considering switching to a t-shirt material just because it is softer and less rigid if it comes into contact with my glans.

I stretch my dick lightly, while pulling the skin back lightly. I then begin wrapping a little behind the glans. Once you get the first one or two wraps around it becomes really easy. Just make sure there is no skin bunching up out of the front by your glans. I wrap some what tightly, but not tight enough to cut off circulation, but my dick does look thinner once wrapped than it is normally.

I’m finding this does 2 things. It stop any blood from entering the shaft. You can actually watch the blood push back with each consecutive wrap toward the base. It also stops your hand from slipping. Even a mm slip can cause you to end up sretching more skin than internal penis. And without any blood in between your skin and internal shaft it will actualy stop the skin from “slipping” because of the blood. I hope this makes sense.

As for the ache you get at the base, but none whatsoever any where else it does sound like your stretching more skin than actual dick. Once I started using this technique I can feel that ache everywhere I focus my stretches on as opposed to just the base. I also find that using a wrap I don’t really have to squeeze the shit out of my dick just to get a good grip, which I was doing before. It does take some trial and error to figure it out for yourself. If you’re confused on how to wrap or if my explanation did not make sense just look up wrapping for hanging.

Now I’m no vet so you can take my suggestion as you will, but I went a few months with no gain and within a few weeks of this I gained. I also changed my routine a little, but I know the wrapping is making a huge difference. I can feel it in the stretches themselves and the quality of stretch I am now getting.

I’ve not done hanging so not familiar with the wrapping. But I’ll see what material strip I can find and do the wraps, not sure about a know to keep the wraps secure though. I’ll look at the wrapping video though on this site.

Well I do some V Stretches and inverted V Stretches last couple or months, but generally with all my stretches I wonder how much the skin gets stretched and not the muscle itself. A lot of the time there is a bit of blood in my penis during stretching as it isn’t fully floppy, if it does get fully flaccid it’s normally after around 10 minutes of stretching.

I’ll see if I can get some aching out of wrap stretches. Not sure how long I should do it for though. What is the timings of your wrap stretches, how long you do it etc.?

Any other ideas of how to break my plateau from people I would be very glad to hear….

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

When I was hanging before I would use a piece of tape to secure the wrap. With manuals I don’t bother using anything. It doesn’t really come undone while stretching, and I’ve become so fluent at it I can remove and re wrap in a few seconds, if it gets messed up half way through a session. If the end of the wrap by the base flops a little it doesn’t concern me because I don’t grip that far back anyways. I’m doing about 20-25 minutes of various stretches. Mostly a and v stretches and variations of each. Each stretch is between 1 and 3 minutes.

Thanks. How tight and hard do you stretch?

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

If you run 5 miles at the same pace 4 times a week, your body gets very good at doing that: you reach a plateau and unless you add some speedwork/intervals/hills/weekly longer runs, you don’t improve at running further or faster.

Same in the gym; squat the same weight for the same reps week in and week out and you won’t get stronger - you have to increase resistance or reps.

Vary your routine. Your penis will get used to doing the same thing and there’ll be no reason for it to adapt.
Keep some stretching and jelqing in your routine (vary the order you do them if you want!) but go to the FAQs and check out all the manual exercises. Choose a different manual exercise to add to your routine and swap them around every couple of weeks or so. Look into pumping too. Do different things and you should get different results.

firegoat is fully RETIRED from Thundersplace.

All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks. I started doing V and inverted V stretches into my routine.

But I like what you say about the gym comparison, I can understand that. So I’ll apply that way of thinking and change my routine up with thought to that.

Not sure what difference there will be if I reverse my order of stretching and jelqing. I do 20 minutes of first stretching then jelqing, but can’t change that routine as I think that if jelqing puts blood into my penis that may then stop me from stretching properly when I go into stretching straight after.

I’d like to do pumping but not sure what pump is best as I have large girth or if pumping will help length gains if I have large girth, from what I’ve been told.

Oooh that’s a bit scary when you say that my penis may get used to a routine and there won’t be a reason for it to adapt. I wonder if my current routine being repeated so long may stop my penis from adapting to a new routine and get increases from that, or if current repetitions have stopped it from doing so.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

Just my opinion (of course), but I feel like 20 minutes of stretching is a bit much. I would never go past 5. Also, I’d try different grips (C and overhand especially), mix it up, and remember not to overtrain. Lastly, perhaps hot rag instead of the IR heat may help.

Good luck.

Problem solving with fire.

Yeah what is hard in asking people for advice on a new routine is that others seem to be so different. 5 minutes stretching isn’t something I can understand doing, I thought it would be better to do it for longer. Why do you not go more than 5 may I ask?

I’ll look at doing different grips. Though when I tried my 2 V stretches nothing improved.

Not sure why, but the last 1 or 2 weeks of PE I’ve felt my penis to be rather unenthusiastic about getting erect when masturbating. The ‘good feeling’ in my penis hasn’t really been there and I wonder if I was ever fully hard. I didn’t measure myself until last night and found that I couldn’t even reach my maximum erect length which I normally can do when I’ve measured myself erect.

I’ve taken a 5 day rest so far as I just wonder what’s the point of doing something that isn’t working, and to also give my dick a rest and for that full 100% feeling to come back.

Just not sure if I should rest for longer before coming back with a new routine or not. I’m thinking of ADS, but not sure of the best ways to do this as there are so many hangers and stretchers out there.

Any advice would be welcome anyone.

July 2014 BPEL - 5 1/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base)

December 2015 BPEL - 5 3/4" BPEG - 6 1/2" (Measured around base) September 2020 BPEL - 6"

I would like to know why you advised not to go past 5mins stretching either. How much did you gain not going passed 5 mins stretching?

7-20-16: BP: 7.63 NBP 6.75 x 5.75

3-22-17: BP: 8.44 NBP 7.56 x 5.75

Jay Flash - Here’s what I did to change things up, nothing drastic but it seems to be working.

I strictly do jelqs, stretches, and kegels. Heat, of course, before and after. 5 min’s heat, stretches down, up, each side, over the both wrists, and straight out. Jelqing between 175 and 225 times, I don’t time it but each jelq is about 4 seconds. Kegels of differing duration’s during heat afterwards.

I broke my plateau of three months by adding 15 slow, helicopter stretches (about 5 seconds per revolution) in each direction. Then, for jelqing, I’ve been getting just a little more of an erection (still squeezable), take a half grip, kegel hard, grip fully and hold for a second before the stroke of about 4 seconds. I still average around 225 but I stop every 15 to 20 reps to get my penis back to the starting point. How I knew I was on to something was the first night after the modification I was awakened in the middle of the night with a hard on I haven’t felt since I first started PE (the one that points to the ceiling and it takes some force to bend it to 90 degrees!). I had to measure it (I know it probably still had some faux pump from the session) and it was just under an 1/8” longer and fatter. That was two weeks ago and I haven’t measured since, as I want to wait a full month. The major morning wood has subsided but my normal erections are very healthy.

March 13, 2014 - BPEL 6 1/8" EG - 4 5/8" December 15, 2015 - BPEL 6 7/8" EG - 5"

November 5, 2016 - BPEL 7" EG - 5 1/4"

Be present with your routine, don't just glaze over and make it a chore. Change it up at least quarterly - just like a weight workout you need to keep him guessing.

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