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Moist heat pads; any advice, recommendations


Ok so theres heaps of info on infrared on the site *grins sheepishly* and as usual it’s all hypothetical beyond a certain point. I am concerned about suggestions that the collagen will be more resistant from exposure to FIR though, and no one seems to have any concrete answers on long term effects on fertility.

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My colleagues and I have used infrared for years for warming tissues before manipulation etc., and although laser has certain healing properties, none of us have noticed this with any specific frequencies of infrared we have used. Neither have we noticed any increase in collagen resistance. Infrared is a superb way of heating tissues for PE, as it penetrates tissue exceptionally well. It’s the heat we are looking for, rather than any properties of light wavelength.

As far as the fertility issue goes, I just cover my testicles with a thick piece of white cloth. It reflects most of the light back. It works very well.

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