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When is penis size too big & counterproductive?

Originally Posted by Rahman810
Who wants a chick with a flat ass? Yes chicks with bigger butts take bigger dicks in certain positions because women have fat pads too along with the fact that a bubble butt in certain positions will not allow some of your dick to go in. But technically you are still getting the balls deep feeling. Like woman laying flat on her stomach position takes away about 2 to 3 inches of actual penetration depending on the size of her butt. We not saying they can take it all in 100% of all positions but in most with the right stimulation, angle, and time they can take more than you think.

30 months late?

Problem solving with fire.

Lmao I didn’t look at dates at the time.

7-20-16: BP: 7.63 NBP 6.75 x 5.75

3-22-17: BP: 8.44 NBP 7.56 x 5.75

From experience most of the women I’ve been with couldn’t insert more than 8 inches vaginally or anally. But 3 of my wives sure did ask for that 8x6 vibrator, after I’d warmed them up with my 6x5 penis. They used to have orgasms with it where their eyes rocked back in their heads and they almost spoke in tongues; it used to remind me of the bedroom scene in the Exorcist.

So from a sample size of 13 women total ( I know, low sample size) I came to the conclusion that any more than 8 inch would usually prevent the balls deep feeling most guys love. So I set my sights on the Holy Grail of penis enhancement of 8 inches but the girth is a different matter. I’d argue that any bigger than 5.5 inch in girth leaves deep throating out. Try and put something of 5.5 inch girth in your mouth without dislocating your jaw or taking out your teeth.

I always assumed that the 8x6 dildo was a go to because it was log enough to have a “handle” and still get good penetration, unless mounted I presume. An 8x6 penis, can actually penetrate deeper. The next most popular size, the 10”, provides the same benefit with either an added inch for more pressure or more maneuvering. The vagina is “elastic” so at it’s deepest point there should be some “give”, and pressure against this deepest “wall” is what women like to feel when engaging in deep penetration.

Start: BPEL: 7” MSEG: 5" | Current: BPEL: 8.25” MSEG: 5.75" | Goal: BPEL: 8.5” MSEG: 6"

1st Goal: 7.5" x 5.5" | Achieved: 01/15/2021 | 2nd Goal: 8.25 x 5.75 | Achieved: 05/19/2021

Progress Pics: Road to 8x6 | My Log: Daros PE Notes and Progress Reports | Routine: Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine | 30 min pump | ADS 180 minutes

It’s to big when it rides shotgun in the car with you.😂

Penis Pride

I think it largely depends on what you want brother.

Is having the HUGE cock worth the cost of occasionally not fully penetrating.

I mean, you are already having that experience now, so would more really be much different from what you have now regarding full penetration?


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