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Big Gainer Highlights

Bennett8 had what could be called ‘minimal’ routine. He posted pics too, differently than all the guys listed earlier if I have not missed something.

Originally Posted by marinera
Bennett8 had what could be called ‘minimal’ routine. He posted pics too, differently than all the guys listed earlier if I have not missed something.

I’m not saying nobody gains with a minimal routine just that nearly all the guys mentioned so far did a hell of a lot.

Yeah these are still the top 1% of guys in the database, who have gained multiple dicks worth of volume. I plan on continuing the list quite a ways down - anybody who gains over 7 cubic inches is in about the top 10% of gainers (that excludes people who didn’t gain, or only made one entry). And over 9 cubic inches is the top 5% of gainers. It is cool to see what the guys at the top did for routines though. The combination of being a “more is more” type guy and being predisposed to quick gains, and then putting in a ton of time and effort - seems to be the key to being in the top 1%. Unfortunately we have no control over 2 out of 3 of those things. I’m sure as I go down to lower volume gains we’ll see more “less is more” guys. So far MK9 is the only one who comes close to fitting that category.

I’d consider Bennett8 a big gainer too, but his stats weren’t in the database. Once I get a little farther down the volume list, I’ll add some big gainers that didn’t make it onto the total volume gained list. For example, % volume increase, big length gainers who didn’t gain very much girth, and some big gainers who didn’t enter stats in the database.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

One day you’ll have to put my name too in that list XD



MustBeDreaming gained 16.9 cubic inches. He started with a 6” x 5” in January 2000 at the age of 21 and ended with a 7.4” x 7.0” in 2012.

From 2000 through 2002 he had a casual approach to PE, and his routine consisted of manual stretching and wet jelqing. Most of his length gains came during this period. I’d estimate he gained about 1.0” length x 0.25” – 0.50” of girth in that time. That put him around 7.0” x 5.375” when he began at TP.

In mid to late 2003 he became more dedicated and also joined Thunder’s that year. He did less stretching, and focused more on girth ever since then.

MBD used manual girth work as the mainstay of his routine. He experimented with a lot of stuff, and had considerable variation in his routine. It seems like he went by feel, and may have used any or all of these exercises in any given workout.

It sounds like he utilized this warm-up, or something similar for most sessions. It’s tough to tell what he was up to during certain periods of his career, and when he wasn’t taking breaks or specifically trying something else, it seems like this was his standard workout.
Warmup, Wet Jelq, Jelq Squeeze, Stretched Jelq – jelqing around 80% erection.
Then some combinations of the following:
Constrictors – basically what sounds like a clamp or manual clamp, then somtimes also doing bends or stretches with the other hand.
Orange Bends

These manual girth work sessions were the bread and butter of the routine. This quote sums up his strategy during his primary girth gaining period.
“Any kind of exercise where you feel full expansion and see your glands swell to the max and see bumps on your head and your veins are bulging is a sign you are doing things right.”

1 on, 1 off schedule. He experimented with other schedules, but due to the intensity of his girth routine, doing more than 1 or 2 days on could cause setbacks for him. Workouts averaged 60 to 90 minutes, he would go until he was tired. He would take extra days off if he felt tired. Went by feel always, for selecting the exercises in an individual workout, for selecting length of workout, for taking off days, for taking decon breaks or injury break – always went by feel.

He also utilized hanging, pumping, and clamping at various times. It’s not very clear how consistent he was with these methods, but it sounds like he tended to use conservative times and forces when using mechanical PE.

Had several injuries. He had a penis injury at age 16 due to squeezing a painful erection too hard. It was a major injury that caused a year of impotence.

He had another injury from a brief stint of hanging in March 2004. He was using a Captain’s wench with 5 lbs and short sets. The hanger was positioned correctly, but he had over-tightened it or wrapped incorrectly – he was hanging with an engorged head. The injury caused numbness in the head, which lasted for 1 month, weaker erections which lasted for 2 months, and it took a total of 6-10 months for him to regain full sensitivity and libido during sex. He lost some size during the layoff, perhaps in the range of 0.75” x 0.75”.

These two major early injuries left him somewhat injury prone for the rest of his career. He often overdid girth work and had to take breaks due to fluid buildup, spotting, blisters, and most of all he battled desensitization. He probably developed the recurring tendency to get desensitization from his two major injuries, but also his routine is hardcore girth work, so it came with the territory. I won’t say much more about the injuries, but he had to take a few long breaks of 4 months or more, and it sounds like many shorter breaks to recover from overdoing a workout.

Began PE’ing again in mid to late 2004 with a very gentle routine of jelqing, and increased intensity as the months went by. Pumping – November 2004 – March 2005. He tried to pump for length briefly during this period, but ended up taking a break shortly after. He didn’t like the lymph fluid buildup from pumping. He continued pumping intermittently throughout his career, but never gave details on a regular routine. Pressure range 4-6” Hg for gains.

May 2005 – hits 6.75” girth. He wanted to do more stretching and target more length, but after his hanging injury, stretching caused desensitization in his glans, and he avoided it after those first few years.

June through October 2005 – took a few months off because of discoloration, which decreased mostly over the break. Attributed discoloration to his intense manual girth workouts.

November 2005 – begins PE again. He had been up to 6.75” girth before the break, and had gone down to about 6.25” over that period. When he started back up, he began with a routine of hanging, clamping, edging. Tried to get some more length during this period, and diverged from his manual girth work for the first time with the intent of avoiding discoloration. Unfortunately the mechanical PE gave him lymph fluid buildup instead.

Time-frames become tough to tell what was going on in his routine beyond this point. He was already huge, and took on a more casual approach to PE somewhere during 2006. It’s tough to say what he was doing at this point, probably some combination of everything, with several breaks mixed in. He wanted a little more size, but was already very satisfied, so didn’t seem to try as much as before.

He battled fluid build-up a lot during this period, considering it a hindrance to getting further girth gains. He viewed the fluid partly as a consequence of his injury-prone nature, and partly attributed to clamping / pumping fluid buildup, and partly just a side effect of gaining a huge amount of girth. He believed this was lymph fluid, and he would get buildup that was semi-permanent, lasting much longer than the few hours or days that is normal. Apparently this fluid buildup wasn’t a problem back when he was doing primarily manual girth work as his routine, so he went back in that direction for a while, and wished that he had never deviated from that routine in the first place. Lymph free gains were high quality gains to him, with veins sticking out, tighter skin, and ribbing showing on the chambers. Later on (2008 or later?) he didn’t seem to care as much about the lymph, or had just given into it as a semi-permanent feature of his gains and personal physiology. He reintroduced pumping and some light manual routine for maintenance in the later days. His last update was in 2012.

Supplementation – MBD liked supplementing. I didn’t make notes on the details, but some that I remember were Vitamin E and K in cream form, Arginine, Testosterone supplements, Zinc, Multivitamins orally. He considered it an important part of his regimen, and the idea was to improve bloodflow and skin health. Some of the other guys on the list also used supplements, but I mention it here specifically because MBD made a few threads about it.

Has a lot of good posts on women’s size perception, and how it shifted as he grows. Any comments about his routines and gains actually had to be plucked out of the ongoing updates about how his increased girth was affecting sex, which is partly why this entry is so long. One interesting effect he brought up several times was the blowjob girth challenge. He got around a bit in his 20’s and early 30’s, and many girls would say they very rarely gave blowjobs, or even said “never” until they saw his girth, which was like a magnet for their mouths apparently. They viewed it as some kind of novelty or challenge or something. Another interesting effect was that girth dominates in female size perception, and women would consistently and drastically overestimate his length due to his huge overall volume. Somewhere around 7.25” x 6.625” he believed he got too big for many girls to have a regular relationship with them.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Originally Posted by BeardedDragon
Somewhere around 7.25” x 6.625” he believed he got too big for many girls to have a regular relationship with them.

This thread is fascinating, Bearded. Thanks again for your efforts.

The above quote is one I think many of us will find interesting. It gives some insight into the often discussed issue of how big is “too big.” While many of us would love to wield a sledgehammer cock, the law of diminishing returns applies here also. I’d rather stop growing at the point just before most women no longer find my size desirable. A huge dick might be great for the ego, but my objective is to develop the kind of penis that not only makes me happy, but also makes the woman (or women) in my life happy. It would seem that a girth over 6.5” presents some challenges, since 7.25” length, while a good size, isn’t exactly huge.

Fantastic thread. I don’t want to pull it too far off topic, but I have a little tit-bit of my own to add.

Back in the early part of my PE career, I noticed a sudden and obvious gain. The only thing I can put it down to was doing Fowfers. Normally, I did not do them for more than 10 minutes at a time. But one day I started doing one and the mobile phone by my bed rang. Since I do Fowfers sitting up, I reached over and picked up my phone, and had a conversation. I totally forgot to “take the cake out of the oven” as it were. The call lasted 45 minutes, and it was not ‘till I put the phone down that I realised that I had been sitting on my dick the whole time. The poor thing looked like a piece of spat-out chewing gum! The end was completely flat. I gently massaged it back to life, and it still seemed to work. Phew!

I mention this partly because I have recently started PE again, and I am doing only Fowfers and Kegal-Stretches at the moment. I read several threads that suggested Fowfers were good for flaccid gains, and I am grower of the 1st order. It seems to help daytime hang. I will start a thread on it, if I get any conclusive results.

IMPORTANT. It could be dangerous to do excessively long (or strong) stretches of any type until your dick is conditioned.

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Originally Posted by hugeambition
This thread is fascinating, Bearded. Thanks again for your efforts.

The above quote is one I think many of us will find interesting. It gives some insight into the often discussed issue of how big is “too big.” While many of us would love to wield a sledgehammer cock, the law of diminishing returns applies here also. I’d rather stop growing at the point just before most women no longer find my size desirable. A huge dick might be great for the ego, but my objective is to develop the kind of penis that not only makes me happy, but also makes the woman (or women) in my life happy. It would seem that a girth over 6.5” presents some challenges, since 7.25” length, while a good size, isn’t exactly huge.

Yeah, MBD had good perspective on the issue since his size fluctuated up and down several times due to injuries and breaks, and he was with a fair number of different women over that same time period. His views mirrored the consensus in those “too big” threads. Somewhere around 16-19 cubic inches was typically considered a nice big cock, a fun ride. 20-23 cubic inches was beginning the huge range, and the girls considered it a challenge or novelty. He said in this range, girls thought he was crazy if he told them that he was going to grow it bigger, but I think in one post when he was around 23 cubic inches he still estimated that 80% of girls could handle the size if they were properly turned on. 24 cubic inches and up he described several times as “scary” to many girls. At this range it was also often the biggest the girls had been with, and while they would still take one round, there weren’t as many repeat customers. Finding a girl who could handle the size became a key factor in any relationship. It seems like the sweet spot is anywhere from 18-22 cubic inches if you’re talking about a compromise between ideal size for the average girl, and ideal size for the PE’ing guy who wants the ego boost of being bigger than as many other guys as possible. Of course specific girls can handle much more, and if we’re talking about ideal size for a LT committed relationship with one girl, or a woman with kids, then the ideal range can go up quite a bit. But MBD was playing the field with the law of averages in effect.

It’s amazing to think that all the guys listed so far actually GAINED about 17 cubic inches or more. They literally packed on an “ideal” sized cock onto what they already had. Even though it’s instructional to review their routines, most guys wouldn’t even want to gain this much, and I think that’s one reason why there aren’t more guys in this gain range. The vast majority of guys have a starting volume of between 9 and 14 cubic inches. If they gained even 15 cubic inches of volume, they would be between 24 and 29 cubic inches. So I think in many ways there’s just as much to learn from guys who gained 7 to 15 cubic inches of volume, because it’s likely that many of them just went into maintenance mode once they reached their goals rather than trying to gain more.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"



Large4Life gained about 18.0 cubic inches, possibly a few less if you discount some gains. His first measurement in the size database is 6.0” x 5.5”, but in his posts he says that he gained 0.5” of length during a year of casual jelqing before entering his first size data. It seems like he was also 18 years old at that time, so if you discount that first half inch of length, he gained 16.9 cubic inches, and started at age 19.

With starting size of 5.5” x 5.5” and final size of 8” x 7” for gains of 2.5” length and 1.5” of girth. Or gains of 2.0” x 1.5” if you discount that first half inch. It’s also possible to discount his girth a little bit. His last updates indicated 7”+ of base girth, but a cone shaped taper going up to the head.

Summer 2002 through summer 2003. His first year and a half his routine consisted of manual exercises, and he gained his way up to 7” BPFSL in that time, which was probably about 6.5” of EL. At a much later date, one of his recollections of these early years seems to suggest that he also did some more intense manual girth work during this time also.
“During my first year, I basically just did jelqs, A and V stretches, and manual stretching in all directions for about an hour a day, 5 days a week.”

Summer 2003 through Summer 2005. After that he began hanging BTC for up to 50 mins a day, 5 days a week. He gained up to 8” BPFSL and a 7.75” x 6.25” erect size by his 3 year anniversary (2 years of hanging). It’s seems like the manual exercises were sometimes included during this period, but it was primarily hanging.

Summer - Fall 2006. Around this time he began clamping, and possibly pumping, seeking more girth, and to even out his girth (about 7” at the base tapering to only 5.75” at the tip). He wasn’t too concerned about the shape as much as increasing overall girth. He used a Monty air clamp, in combination with a hose clamp near the glans, and also wore a cock ring during this period. The following update was from Fall 2006. His clamp broke sometime during late fall and he started doing plumped and erect bends.

“I’ve gained appx. 2” in length and around 1” in girth over a 4 year period. I say “approximately” because measuring my penis pre-PE depressed me. LOL. I think I was around 5.5 x 5.5 my senior year of high school, but I after jelqing for a year I got up to 6bpel. I continued to jelq and do manual stretching my first year of college. By the summer after my freshman year I was 6.5bpel. During that summer I took up hanging and got to 7bpel probably as short as 3 months later. Another 2 and some odd years of on and off hanging and sporadic PE brought me to my current 8 x 6.5 bpel (I have been clamping for the past 2 months). I wish I took starting pictures! With hard work and enough time, you will EASILY gain an inch! Good Luck!”

January 2007 – Lesser schedule, with about 30 mins of jelqing and O-bends 4 times a week.
May 2007 – Update still doing mostly bends.
2008 – Clamping and Bathmate. This was his last update on routine.

During his later years, he would post to encourage newbies and smaller guys. He would often remind people that this is a very long term process, and that up to 6 months could go by at times in his career when nothing seemed to happen, and then he would gain 0.25” or 0.5” in a period of a few months. So consistency and a long term attitude is key.

Also during later years, as his girth grew larger, he enjoyed his cone shape that he got from hanging much more – it allowed him to ease his way in with 6” of head girth, and still fit with his 7”+ of base girth. An interesting tangent note is that most of his girth gains came in the CS. His last measurement date in the database was in 2007, but he continued PE’ing at least up until his last post at Thunder’s in 2009, so it’s possible that he gained more and evened out his girth. He has logged in as recently as late 2012.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"



Hogman gained 16.6 cubic inches between May 2003 and March 2013. He started with size 5.8125” x 4.3125” and now has size 8.4375” x 6.125” for a length gain of 2.625” and a girth gain of 1.8125”. He’s still around but doesn’t post much.

His first posts at Thunder’s were in 2003, and his first measurement in the database was for 2005. His starting size by both accounts was the same, so I think his official start was in 2003.

He first began with a cheap porn shop pump, but no structured routine, just used it to make himself temporarily bigger. When he found PE sites in 2003-2005, he began a routine of manual stretching, jelqing, and pumping.

In the first few months he focused primarily on stretching. It sounds like he did about 15 minutes of stretching in the morning, and 15 minutes of jelqing in the morning. He used both wet and dry jelqs, but it sounds like mostly wet. Then in the evenings he would “stretch for hours” in front of the TV – holding the stretch constant for longer periods – almost like manual hanging with SD or BTC angles. It sounds like he jelqed using a gentler force, and stretched using stronger force, at least during this beginning period. During these first few months he gained a quick inch of BPEL.

There aren’t many routine updates after that. But in his size database routine summary, he says he used a 1 day on, 1 day off routine of 30 minutes, with pumping, jelqing, and stretching. It looks like he stuck with that all the way through. But some of his posts indicate he would do these longer stretching sessions, or spend 45 minutes packing the tube while pumping, or do water pumping in the shower. So sometimes he went over that stated routine time.

In addition to being a big gainer, hogman could fellate himself. Luckiest man on earth.
I do!

Pumping tips to pack the cylinder faster.
hogman - Packing at the head. Need new cylinder?

hogman if you’re reading this, could you give an update or any more info on your techniques? I’ve got so many questions. Did you continue to get quick gains after those first 3 months or was it gradual after that for the whole ten years? What was your pumping routine like over the years? Did you continue with the “hours of stretching” throughout your career? Thanks.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"


What is the ecuation to get ” cubic inches ” ?


When You measure the volume of something (here: penis) You are using 3D denomination.
Measuring the whole picture - Volume Maybe this thread will help You.
You can count Your volume by: pi*r^2*length, where r is a radius (1/2 of Your width). As You can see it’s [cm(inch)]*[cm(inch)]*[cm(inch)]= cm^3(or cubic inches).

Sorry, it’s hard to explain even Maths in English. I hope that You now understand that volume is better way to measure dick.

You can also do it (I don’t know if it’s possible in cubic inches) at

To Dragon:
Great thread! It’s very informative and I’m looking forward to reading more and more about big gainers routines, etc.

Since the dick isn’t perfectly round I think a better equation for volume would be pi*a*b*length.
a-half of the depth of your cock
b-half of the width of your cock

This way you treat your dick like an ellipse. For some people that can make a big difference.

Start: 8 BPEL- 7.5 NBPEL - 5.5 midEG

Current: 8.6 BPEL - 8 NBPEL - 5.8 midEG

I wish You all kinds of gains!

Yeah, what they said. You can also check your volume by plugging your stats into the size database and it will calculate it for you.

Another way to think of it is 1 cubic inch is about 16.39 cubic centimeters, or more commonly 16.39 mL. The guys listed so far have gained between 270 mL and 500 mL. I should have thought of that earlier on since the forum is international.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"


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