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Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory

Originally Posted by rk866
I’ve always been interested in race issues, and race and penis size is no exception. I’ve noticed these penis stereotypes:

Asians have small penises.
White people have weak erections and are the ones who need viagra (that is, poor erection equality)

Even on the controversial penis size debate site, it said Asians have stiffer erections but are smaller, blacks the opposite, whites in between.

I don’t know about all this smooth muscle/tunica research because I’m not a physiologist nor a scientist, but even these penis jokes would support the general theory here for erection quality versus size. Look at Asian porn - their dicks are nowhere near as hard as other races but they look hard as a rock and never bend. Online, a lot of Asian guys boast they have the stronger erection (which at the same time admits they aren’t as well hung as other guys but shows these anonymous Asian guys online are confident that their erections are rock hard solid).

I’m Asian. I’m not exactly well hung, my BPFSL is half an inch below my BPEL. I can’t even jelq because even at mid-erection my penis is already so hard. I’m both a stereotype and my data would comply with the research. There already seems to be some correlation between race and penis size, I bet we’d find a correlation between race and EQ as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if having an “Asian penis” meant some sort of penis composition that made the penis hard but not as big, and so on and so forth for black and white penises. I’m aware of exceptions but I’m talking averages.

Take it for what it is! I hope it offers some more perspective.

This needs it’s on thread - copy + paste.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Originally Posted by Springer240
Well, I need some advice with my TGC routine. Should I lessen the stretch time? Here is the link:

TGC Theory: Two Month Results.

I gained 3/8” in BPSFL in only one month (total of 1/2” in two months) but erections are very difficult (and have always been difficult for me) as my tunica continues to expand.

I’m beginning to think more and more that I should do an all girth routine because my EQ has always been poor my entire life (and I take 8g of Arginine and 240mg of Ginkgo) and my tunica grows 1/2” from ~11 minutes (640 seconds) of stretching in two months. I’m so ecstatic and happy about my length gains and I actually want to gain more, but with school starting in a month, I want to have a greater girth and great EQ.

What am I to do? Maybe I can continue to gain length and still improve my EQ?

Maybe we can get back on topic and also help me out simultaneously.

You’re a case study now, Springer. I think the only help we can give you is morale.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Good stuff guys. Very professional and well articulated. We all appreciate your hard work.

Originally Posted by mgus

This made me think of how to loosen muscle knots - Firegoat chime in please - I read that when you have muscle knots, by keeping pressure on the point itself, the muscle is forced to relax. This is backed up by my own experience with massaging my significant other(s) and trying to knead out my own arms (years ago, when I was climbing). Find knot/painful area, place thumb or knuckle on it, press until relaxation starts (pain disappears) and then increase pressure and so on.

So if the smooth muscle isn’t relaxing properbly, due to lack of whatever it is that Viagra helps with (nitrogen inhibitors? I forget) then by kneading it (jelqs, orange bends, clamping) the inner pressure forces it to relax, and voilá, better EQ.

Any thoughts?

Sorry mgus; only just noticed your request!

We call this NMT (Neuro-Muscular Technique). Imagine muscle tension on a scale of 1 to 10. For the sake of example, imagine average/normal muscle tension to be 5. When a muscle gets to a tension of 7, you may experience discomfort, but you have to get on with life and it’s not going to do you any harm, so your body tunes the discomfort out.

When tension rises to 9, your body won’t tune it out anymore because there is possibility of damage to the tissues - their bloodflow may be restricted etc.

So you have a muscle knot. A hypertonic area of tissue, often a trigger point. If you put additional pressure on this point, the nervous system will inform the brain that tension in the muscle has just suddenly increased.

Initially the brain will assume the muscle is doing work (pushing/pulling). After a little while of keeping the pressure the same, the brain works out that the muscle is not doing work, and that there is no need for this sudden (and now unexplained) sudden increase in muscle tension. So the brain sends a message back to the muscle to relax.

At the point where you feel the beginnings of relaxation happening, very slowly and gradually release the pressure you are applying. Eventually you learn to release the pressure at the same speed as the muscle is relaxing.

Knots often form around trigger points, and the trigger points may be used to holding tension, so you may have to repeat this several times to ‘re-calibrate’ the nerve signals for the area.

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. The ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth. Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Respect, appreciation, I will try to find time to read it before I am fourty.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

Sorry if this information is too late…

Your BPFSL/BPEL ratio: That is, how much greater is your BPFSL than your BPEL?
Your Erection Quality, or EQ: How hard are your erections on a scale of 1 to 10?

BPFSL = 8.25
BPEL = 7.75
Erection quality is only 7 or 8 without “supplements”.

Difference = 0.5”

Been working on girth for the last few days after a few months off. Hoping for some quick improvement in EQ.


Is this theory going to stop my length gains

Hi Remek, only just noticed this thread today as I haven’t Pe’d for a year or so after about 6 months of no gains. An extended decon break if you will. I like the sound of this theory but have a question. According to my data I have to work on the smooth muscle (girth exercises). I have 7.5 bpfsl and only 6.8 bpel and eq is about 6, maybe worse. My problem is that I have close to 6.5eg which I am happy with at the moment and a lot of people on here think that more girth would make it hard to get the length gains I very much want. I would like to get to at least 8.5bpel and from what I heard that would be very hard to get if I get a girth of close to 7. Even though I say I’ve got a 6eq it varies, sometimes harder than others plus I put some of this down to being overweight. I currently do about 20mins stretch and 20 mins jelq as I am just getting back into this again but have been avoiding pump and clamp because I don’t want any more girth just yet. Also been using vac-extender for about 6hrs a day.

If I get the length going I was going to go onto clamps,pump and using drillas idea of wearing jelly rings to keep quite plump but if you honestly think that going onto this now would help overall I would be willing to try it, especially if it helps eq. Only fear is it stopping length gains. PS, I had been up to over 7bpel before but gains didn’t cement, don’t know if it means anything. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.



remek, runs his own PE site and doesn’t post here very much so I will try to answer your question for you.

First, how were your erections prior to PE? Did your EQ drop as a result of PE? Did you gain any BPFSL? I’m not sure how much of this thread you have read but to sum it up, this theory applies mostly to guys whose EQ drops as a result of tunica lengthening apart from smooth muscle growth. Hopefully, this applies to you. If anything else, such as lifestyle, could account for your poor EQ, you will probably not benefit much.

Reading back over some previous posts there seems to be some misunderstanding on application. I think some guys are trying to equate girth work with smooth muscle work and tunica work with length work. This is not the case. As you are probably aware enlargement occurs laterally was well as longitudinally. Which means the tunica and smooth muscle must expand in both directions to get gains in both directions.

The key here is to tailor your exercises to focus the stress on the axis you want to enlarge. For instance, it is possible to work smooth muscle for length and tunica for girth. In your case you want to focus on smooth muscle growth but don’t want to add any girth. This would require you to work the smooth muscle longitudinally; focus the stress lengthwise. A good exercise for this would be low-volume jelqing, say 30-40%. Higher volumes tend to stress the tunica laterally and thus are good for adding girth.

I think I would keep the stretching to a minimum, probably no more that 10 minutes and slowly up your jelq reps. Narrow tube pumping is also a good smooth muscle lengthening exercise. I would keep the cylinder as small as possible, however. I agree with you on avoiding clamping.

These are just some ideas that might get you heading in the right direction. I hope this helps.

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Thanks Iguana, looks like I have to buy a narrow tube now then. I will try that for now with more jelqs. Thanks again


Ok, I got super confused on that last post of your Iguana.

I’m 6-13/16” BPEL and 6-3/8” EG. My BPFSL is 7”. EQ is about 7-8, but I attribute it not being higher due to lifestyle ( I know I know, i’m working on it).

I currently do hangs and jelqs. My understanding was that the jelqs were for girth and stretches for length. But what I’m getting from your last post is making me doubt that. Can you elaborate on how they affect what (or maybe a link to something that does say)?

Or is it correct to assume that I should be focusing more on my hangs than the jelqs? (according to your theory)

I am happy I ran into this thread, only had a chance to read the original posts on it but I tried PE for a while before and I feel this made things much more clear, when I get a chance to read this more thoroughly I hope I am in an even better understanding of the tunica and smooth muscle

Originally Posted by Blackhatbrigade
Ok, I got super confused on that last post of your Iguana.

I’m 6-13/16” BPEL and 6-3/8” EG. My BPFSL is 7”. EQ is about 7-8, but I attribute it not being higher due to lifestyle ( I know I know, i’m working on it).

I currently do hangs and jelqs. My understanding was that the jelqs were for girth and stretches for length. But what I’m getting from your last post is making me doubt that. Can you elaborate on how they affect what (or maybe a link to something that does say)?

Or is it correct to assume that I should be focusing more on my hangs than the jelqs? (according to your theory)

Sorry for the confusion. This is from page 1 of this thread. Maybe this will help clear things up for you…

How to Exercise the Tunica
We believe that length-type exercises, where the pressure generally forms on the outside, focuses on the tunica more. This doesn’t mean stretching and length exercises doesn’t exercise the smooth muscle. In fact, the opposite is probably true: When we are stretching, hanging, or using an ADS, we are stretching both the smooth muscle and the tunica. However, it would appear that the tunica is probably taking the blunt of the stress, as it is the tissues closest to the point of origin. In other words, the tunica is on the outer layers of the penis, the smooth muscle is on the inner layers, and stretching is generated closer towards the outer layers. Meaning, if you are hanging, the hanger is on the outside of the penis, pulling the tunica.

If your main focus is to get more girth, yet your tunica is your limit, it’s probably possible you can focus on the tunica with certain exercises like the Flaccid Bend and HammerHeads (compression squeezes.)

How to Exercise the Smooth Muscle
Girth-type exercises like squeezing, clamping, and Ulis also workout both the smooth muscle and the tunica However, it would appear that when we do girth exercises, the main pressure comes on the inside (from a rapid influx of blood flow). This directly causes your smooth muscle to expand, which indirectly causes the tunica to expand (when the smooth muscle presses against the tunica). Thus, the smooth muscle is probably taking the blunt of the stress as it is the tissue closest to the point of origin.

PART 3: How to Use the Clues Effectively

Being that your BPEL and BPFLS are so close together you should target your smooth muscle. I think more hanging with only worsen your EQ.
But, being that you don’t want more girth, work your smooth muscle lengthwise. In other words, avoid exercise that expand your penis laterally, such as clamping and compression squeezes.

I hope this makes sense…

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

Originally Posted by remek
Main Clue 2: Your BPFSL .5” or less than that of your BPEL. The tunica is most likely the part of the penis that determines how far the penis can be stretched (assuming all the tissues in your penis are relaxed enough for you to measure your maximum BPFSL). If the length of the stretched penis measures close the same as the erect penis, then that would suggest the tunica is at its limit when erect.

You’re saying the opposite though. That because they’re close together I should go with smooth muscle?

I is confussed! :)


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