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When is penis size too big & counterproductive?

Get over threads like this lol… there both nen and women who can take double fists in their asses and pussies… quit boing down to pussy!!! They are elastic, dirty guts if not kept up… that said, they will always have penis envy..

Originally Posted by Tbjorns1153

Get over threads like this lol… there both nen and women who can take double fists in their asses and pussies… quit boing down to pussy!!! They are elastic, dirty guts if not kept up… that said, they will always have penis envy..

I 100% agree with you, but you are only seeing it through a superficial biologic view and neglecting the factor of the sensibility, feeling etc. of women.

Can you insert your stiff erected penis through a coca-cola bottle hole?

I will speak for myself here: almost every time I will have sex with any women for the first time they can only take it to the middle of my penis, it take time until inside the pussy open up for me and that is because of the girth, 2 years to today it fluctuated between 14.5~15.2cm MSEG and as it gets bigger until the very pubic bone reaching 16~16.5cm BEG. So I make sure women orgasm at least once before I penetrate, so the pussy walls are ready, grool dripping from the pussy, wetting the floor and welcome my penis, a delicious paradox of pain and pleasure all women seek between their legs.

After I reached 14.3~14.5cm MSEG all pussies became TIGHT.

started April 2017 BPEL 16,7cm x 13,3cm EG Last measurement BPEL 20 cm x 14,8 cm EG

My progress, thoughts and pictures

Rotated Penis? Unbalanced Ligaments? Lack of Gains through Manual Routine?

First world problems, huh?

6.0 Nbpel 5.0 Eg

I think the term “counter-productive” ought to be replaced with “diminishing returns.” As someone who moderates a site where 6 and 7+ inch girths are commonplace, I can reaffirm this “diminishing return.” Even more so because many of the men on my site once having possessed thinner shafts, opted to enlarge their penises, getting an “immediate before & after insight” most other men can’t.

From many of their anecdotes, things like “quickies,” or “anal” became less of an option (or less frequent) the “bigger they went.” Obviously, your mileage may vary depending on your partner, but this was something I observed in a decade+ of moderating my corner of the internet.

Again, the topic title “Too Big” and “Counterproductive” ought to be re-examined as “Can increased size have diminishing returns,” which in my opinion it does.

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This question has a lot to do with your goal.

If you find yourself with a woman you want to be with in the long run you need to limit your PE to her tolerance, I’ll use my situation to make the example.

When me and my partner met she was unable to go much past 1/4 of my length because she is a small woman who had very little experience or previous partners to break her in. The first two to three months was just getting her to the half way point. This took making her climax first while using two then three fingers to get her started, then slow insertion till I would gently press her for a little more. I repeated this process for over a year and got her to the 3/4 mark. The last 1/4 took almost three years and zero PE on my side.

Now she is able to take it all, so I’m back doing PE and have regained some minor losses during her adaption to my size. Even now after seven years if we take a break from sex for 2+ weeks she then needs about ten to twenty min of me just inside her letting her slowly expand until I can go all the way. This all includes making sure she has climaxed for at least five or so minutes to help her relax and expand. (this is in missionary with her lags down, I can very easily bottom out if I lift her legs or go doggy style, position matters when you are big for her)

At my size a good number of women need time to adapt, but not one woman has said not again. What I do hear from the ones it won’t fully fit in is “I want to take it all” and they work at it so sex with them becomes constant. (I used to be a swinger, retired now) Being able to make a woman climax and feel safe will get you a very long ways in your relationship.

Oral and Anal at my size are almost never, but some prostitutes’ can.

We will all be with different women so our experiences will vary, but getting a woman’s pussy to expand is a time and patience thing. I have been with women who want to be fist-ed or use titanic toys so they would skew any mans perspective if they were an early partner.

If your goal is to make a woman look at you bug eyed trying to decide if she is willing to let you put it in, no size is to much.

My obsession is what keeps me going, the question is will I ever stop.
Start (Jan 2003) 17cm - 6.7in BPEL by 13.5cm - 5.3in MEG, no BEG
(Oct 2022) 19.5cm - 7.7in BPEL by 14.5cm - 5.7in MEG , 15.5cm - 6.1in BEG


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